Friday, June 25, 2010

Taking it from the top...One...Two...One...Two

"Taking it from the" Ok that was the get it together phrase my friend Tovia and I had in law school. Its kinda like Ctrl, Alt, Delete when you need to reboot. Well I need to reboot. I am down 3 or 4 pounds as far as I can tell from the home scale but tomorrow I am going into Weight Watchers to face THE scale. I haven't been in months. Ironically I been pushing everyone to go or go back and I was cold chillin' and eating let's not forget the eating. My master plan was to reboot after my birthday. However I bought and ate 2 pints of Haggen Daz ice cream and just about finished all the cake that was left from my birthday party. I also been really showing off in terms of eating out for lunch. I been out EVERY DAY for the past week and maybe a 2 days. I am someone who always brings lunch even if it is a Lean Cuisine but not lately.. Chinese, Seafood, Founding Farmers fried fish & chips anddd red velvet cake with ice cream! WTH?! CTRL, ALT, DELETE!!! Today I didn't go only because I got caught on the phone when I was about to leave! Sad! Now the bad thing is my clothing isn't getting tight if it was I'd be more pressed but 16 pounds really (on me anyhow) doesn't seem to spread me too far. However I do see that the smaller clothing (size 14/16s) can still fit, they just fit differently. I do see that belly poking out a bit more and what not. I admit it I been chilling and well enough is enough! As far as the last update those plans didn't see the light of day! But tomorrow I am going to Weight Watchers and then the gym for spinning then Step class and get this train back on track!

I can clearly relate some of this to emotional eating because sadly one of my Sponsors (someone who sponsored me into my sorority) passed away this week. I don't really deal with death well...or at all. I have been very fortunate in that I have not experienced a lot of death in my immediate family; thankfully. So I been avoiding those feelings in light of all the good vibes from my birthday. But that isn't a healthy way to deal with loss or disappointment either. So enough of the back tracking and I'll just have to feel the feelings...and make it though without food as crutch. Easier said than done.

All is well on the dating front. We get along well and he had a chance to meet my friends & family at the party. Everyone was on their best behavior :-) its interesting the getting to know you phase and the its time share my space phase are flowing a lot easier than they use to in the past. Imma blame it on age! But he's easy to get a long with and I like that.

Ohhh Team in Training & My Tri- Game is STILL ON!!! ON I SAY! Click Here for my page!! I still need some $10 donations to meet my goal! Ok on the real not a lick of training has been happening I need to go swim this Sunday and get my bike looked at b/c it veers to the left. I am always so last minute so fear not I'll be at the finish line!


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