Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4 days and counting!

Well I am happy to report I am back on track 4 days in a row! Tonight the plan is to do spinning as well. A quick re-cap

Saturday- Socarobic, Zumba, & personal Trainer

Sunday- Body Combat

Tuesday- Body Pump (Workout Date :-) & Personal Trainer

Whew! It was great! I am so glad I like working out! I get a really big sense of accomplishment when I am done. I know Oprah always says she hates to workout I don't, its a great feeling to me! I was telling my trainer that I looked back over the fall when I was having so much success and realized I was easily getting in 10 hours of exercise A WEEK! That's a lot but the results were evident. It really wasn't stressful either so my goal is to get back there and look this week already I am at 8 hours and its only Wednesday! Granted this was a holiday weekend and that allowed for 2 extra classes on Monday morning but there is still plenty of time between 2 gyms and a treadmill at home to get that in!

Thankfully the scale is moving back down! Its about 3 pounds less buttt I still got a way to go but I had a very successful shopping trip for my 35th Birthday Bashment dress. Two words Nicole Miller *swoon* oh and Size 10 *double swoon* I may hunt down a size 12 b/c the store only had a size 10 and that JUST fits with the right spanx (lol) but we'll see it might work as is! And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the bragging rights of wearing a smaller size for my 35th birthday than I did for my 30th birthday is not a factor :-) Hey I am only human! And a girl!

What else ohhh finally had my workout date with Mr. Law Enforcement. We did some time on the treadmill and then took Body Pump together. He's never taken that class I am not sure if he will again either lol but it was fun. Anyhow that's all for now!

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