Monday, June 21, 2010

35 and all the way LIVE!

1st Birthday Gift from the Mister! Yummy!

35 & All The Way Live Birthday Bashment @ Basignani Winery

33 Is The Age To Be dinner party @ Getrude's in the Baltimore Museum of Art !

Well I am officially 35 years old..and some days! Nice! I had a great birthday party at the Basignani Winery! Had about 40 friends & family members gather to celebrate the awesomeness that is ME! :-) I had a blast! It was a perfect day and everyone had a great time!!! There was great music, great Jamaican food, great people, and great wine! Nothing better in life :-)

On the weight loss & workout front...I been eating & eating & not working out & working out!! Too much foolishness! Working on doing better though and it will fall into place. I have no choice I gave away all the big clothing I owned lol I just need some time to get it together and map out a plan of attack for the next few months! This is not to rest on my laurels but look at my 33rd birthday picture vs. my picture from last week. I see progress! I just need to keep it up. I can't wait tos ee what I will look like at my 40th birthday celebration! A/w I have been super busy with Junior League and work has even gotten really busy so there is always something going on. Dating adds to the mix as well. Trying to make time for someone else can be challenging with my kind of schedule but I am working on that! Mr. Law Enforcement got me a nice Edible Arrangement for my birthday! He said since I was getting back on track :-) Sweet!

Anyway today I will map out my workouts... so far looks like Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. I need to go back to Weight Watchers on Saturday morning too and face the scale and maybe that will spark my full on renewal to my healthy lifestyle!

That's all for now!


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