Sunday, June 27, 2010

What getting back on track looks like...

Then (maybe 2001?)

Now... 2010
Above a picture of a picture on display at the going away party. WOW!

Well Saturday was my "rebooting day" according to WW I am up 19.1 pounds since my last visit which was in April by the way. APRIL?! How is that possible? Life has been busy but not that busy. I have been lazy and just straight slacking is all. Anyway I went back and bought a few things at WW like the new magazine & a points calculator. I also went to the supermarket and the produce market for a few items as well. In an effort to share I am posting the pictures in case you wanna know what getting back on track looks like :-)

I made it to the gym and did RPM which is a spinning class. And it was hard as heck! But I needed it. The plan was going to be to stay for step but I was too tired and it was getting too hot outside. I had a cookout later that day for an old friend and former co-worker who is moving away and the Weight Watchers topic was right on point. The message was about how to navigate those kinds of situation successfully. Although I didn't use all the tips I was more mindful. One tip I did use was to eat before I go which I did have a sensible lunch so I wasn't starving when I got there. The other I didn't use but was really good was to bring a board game so the only focus wasn't food. They were playing cards, well spades and I refuse to learn to play that. lol But they were game for Taboo or Scatergories but I forgot to pack them up.
Food wise-I had one plate although I could have gone back for more and a small slice of cake. I had 2 small buffalo wings, 2 meatballs, a spoon of potato salad, and spoon of seafood salad, and green beans in lard... Im saying they are southern lol One error was in taking a plate home although I only took 1 chicken wing 1 leg and 4 meatballs. Most of them have not seen me in 4 or so years so everyone was shocked. I told them I can't fool with them anymore my jeans were tight by the time I had some cake! lol but it was fun and I enjoyed myself. I came home and had the "plate" I called my sister to "confess" and she told you know you can't bring that home. She was right but its done now. A/w yesterday's meals looks like this
Greek yogurt (3), trail mix (3), 4oz baked chicken (4-which I used my scale food to weight!), low fat Italian cheese mix (2points for 1/4 a cup which I used my measuring cup to measure properly), salad dressing (2points 2 -Tbspn which I measured only had 1 btw) and Fuze drinks were on sale had 1 bottle -0 points
Not bad even the cook out wasn't horrible but in tracking my points I see how it can get away from you I had 14 points left and used twice that so I pulled from my activity points and my weekly 35. I was over by 1 point based on the food I had at the cookout and after last night I needed another 10 or so from my weekly. Again a lesson to journal b/c in my mind I would not have calculated that properly at all then I would have wondered why I didnt lose weight! Same thing with the measuring "eye balling" doesn;t work for someone like me I need to use what i know works and measuring cups and spoons work! Ok off my soapbox!
Next entry will have the pics of the things I got too hard to place them properly in this format at the end lol

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