Friday, August 20, 2010

.62 Mile swim, 17.5 mile bike, 3.4 mile run...

A top Mt. Albert...yeah its as bad as it looks! Welcome to mile 6.2 !

Well its the eve of the eve of the Iron Girl! Not sure what tomorrow will bring so I wanted to jot a few thoughts down before my first triathlon!

1) The summer FLEW by! If I had it to do over again I would have started to train sooner even if it was just joining TnT for swimming on Sunday evenings. But gone bad already as Jamaican's would say! I have received a lot of emails about doing something with Team in Training. I would highly recommend them. I was too busy to take full advantage of the program but they always kept me in the loop and sent emails and hey its for a great cause! So Advice #1- if you want to do a marathon, half marathon, tri, century bike ride etc check them out TEAM IN TRAINING WEBSITE

2) I am excited!!! I spoke with my Linesister/Soror Jacintha and I feel good about her health she got a fully clean bill of health from her Doc this week and I am sooooooo happy about that! As Puffy would say "Take that, take that!" Praise God (I know quoting Puffy then praising the Lord might not be right but that's how I do!) lol Cancer isn't a game but it feels good to say she is cancer free the week of my Iron Girl. Love that! Advice #2- To plug TnT again it made and is making doing this event worth while. I was happy to call her and tell her I exceeded my goal and people were really supportive of the fundraising efforts because of her.

3) I've been reviewing the results for the past 4 years of the Iron Girl. They give you 4.5 hours to finish the event. I am righttt up on that line. There are names with no times beside them so either they never finished or they didn't make the time I am guessing they dropped out though...b/c there are longer times (pass 4.5 hours) so I am guessing they didn't finish! Advice #3- Finish what you start! Now the Iron Man is gansta they will come get you off the course if you do not meet the time requirements so I am glad I don't have that pressure. But whatever time I make I plan to cross the finish line. I'll be honest I haven't done a brick (ie. where you do 2 or more events ie. swim then run or bike-to build up your endurance) all I got is my mind & the way my parent's raised me. Like my friend Tovia always says "Your parents did a good job with you." *insert head shaking here* Now as I have said before she says it in such a way that it implies they may have done a lil too good with the self esteem part lol BUTTTTTT that "I can do anything, you can do better" attitude has served me well and will do the same this weekend. I am just proud I am stepping up to the plate to be honest I know people 100 pounds less than me that wouldn't dare try a triathlon so bragging rights are mine skinny heffas!!! Take that, take that! Puffy forever! Ok, ok, ok

4) My goal is 4 hours 15 minutes needless to say if I get in at 4 hours: 30 minutes: 59 seconds I'll take it lol I WANT MY MEDAL and I am trying to figure out if they won't give it to me if I am longer than 4.5 hours !!! Do they know I will flip?! LOL I will cut up and act a fool after my nap and full body massage and after I eat of course! Advice #4- Post race pampering a must!

5) Vision Board time. I need to think of some new fitness goals. I am thinking of doing a Mediterranean Cruise in May with my Mom & Sister and I want to be TIGHT & RIGHT so I can buy some amazing clothing is Italy! The trip will be to Barcelona, Spain then Rome, Pisa, Florence (Italy),& Cannes, France can we say AMAZING!? CAN'T WAIT! I texted my sister who incidentally is in my fave city in the world Amsterdam (at the moment) that I want to lose 50 pounds by May. She has the same goal so oh yeah she is coming to live with me for a few months *inhale exhale* so I'll have a workout buddy to do the damn thang with! Advice #5- Workout buddies can be good... I've had a few but I work well with "Bobbie Christina" she's good! She was thinking about doing the Iron Girl this year but went to Europe for a month instead. Hard sell...But she said next year she's on it! We have a trip to Sedona in Jan so we'll be hiking again can't wait that experience in 2009 was not pleasant I was carrying almost 70 plus pounds on me and it just wanst not funny! (Shout out to the old school MTV Real World fans!) Ha!

Ok well 2 days to go before Iron girl and see how my mind works already onto the next big adventure!

But that's how I do! See ya at the finish line! THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE & SUPPORT!!!!! I pick up my race packet tonight and TnT has a luncehon tomorrow so pics to follow!


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