Friday, August 6, 2010


New snack alert! Odwalla bars! My friend Nicole hipped me to these while we were in Trinidad! They are good! High in points though 5 for one bar but its a high end snack or meal replacement if you are doing 5-6 small meals a day! I got this one and the Almond one very good! One sale at Safeway this week 2 for $3.00 I had it the morning of my 17.5 mile bike ride its sweet but not over the top!
Check them out!

Philly, PA.

Welll TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy its Friday that's for sure! The week flew by and no exercise! I know right?!? Well Monday--no that's a lie I did Body Flow & I did 1 mile on the treadmill. Tuesday I had to work and then a Junior League meeting and then an AKA Conference call. Wednesday I was supposed to my trainer b/c I took the day off for a Doc's appointment but he forgot :-( I really wasn't :-( lol I went back to bed happily. Had my Doc's appt she is not amused by the weight gain but I told her I was getting back on track---scratch that---I am back on track and told her about the Iron Girl she was happy to hear about it! I will see her again in September. I might hit up my nutritionist again as well its been a minute. Its not like the info is new new its just he accountability but accountability cost! But so does gaining weight! Ok so I told her my goal 30 pounds by Oct 12th that 10 weeks 3 pounds a week. She says its do-able and I need to increase my protein and stop the snacking... I know I know! Anyway after my Doc's appointment Mister asked if I wanted to do dinner I said sure so he suggested Philly! LOL I said Ok why not! So we drove the back way up to Philadelphia! It was nice! It was a good time to talk and fuss and make up :-) I opted to skip dinner and got flowers instead of a cheese steak!

This place in Reading Terminal Market has the most beautiful flowers I was taken aback so he asked it I wanted some with one eye brown raised and I shook my head like a kid in Toys R Us!

That's the bag even the bag was cute!!!!

Thanks my flowers :-) a nice mixed bag of beautiful!
LASTLY!!!!!! I AM AT 106% OF MY GOAL FOR TEAM IN TRAINING!!!! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT!!! I met a girl who was on a team of 4 people and they only raised $300 all together!!! How sweet that I know such amazingly generous people to raise drum roll please
and counting!!!
I still have checks coming in!
If you didn't get a chance this time fear not in the next few years I plan to run the New York City Marathon for charity so I'll be backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :-)
This weekend I am doing the 17.5 mile ride Saturday & Sunday again! Gotta get it in! If I know the course I can master the course! My goal was to also do the 3.4 mile walk this weekend! I wanted to do it last night but a thunderstorm and tornado watch as on! It was on like boiled corn! Down pour!!! The plan was to take the walk with Mister last night but the weather killed that. Today planning on calling it an early night and catching the earliest WW meeting and then go for my ride. I'll check in this weekend! Thanks again for all the love & support!!!

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  1. Yes! Congrats on meeting your goal! The flowers are pretty.