Friday, August 13, 2010


Today is THE day! Eat Pray Love -The Movie!!! In my usual style I planned a girls night out to see it. This time with my old Lynne Bricks Gym workout peeps! We used to go HARD! I mean the spirit of that place at that time was awesome. Like one day the power went out in the middle of Joanne's Body Step class and we kept going lol literally they had to come into the class and tell us it was unsafe to have us working out in the dark! LOL Who needs lights, who needs music!? LOL good timeS, good times! Looking soooo forward to seeing them again!!!

Ok Eat Pray Love (the book) if for some reason like me you were unaware of this book when it came out pleaseee go get it! It is amazing!!! I mean she is a great writer but not in the traditional sense more so in the down to Earth this sounds like a conversation I had with my BFF sense! A lot of travelling, loving, praying, learning, and growing! You literally laugh, cry, smile & sigh all at the same time! Its wonderful! I think Julia Roberts was the BEST woman on Earth to play the lead and I can't wait to see it come alive tonight!

I really loved the book from a 'that's why she's skinny' point of view because it demonstrated that most people who over eat and don't exercise will gain weight! lol She had a fab time in Italy and between all the pizza and pasta she wasn't fitting into some of her clothing so she got a bike and got back into her yoga in India and fell in love in Bali! But who can't fall in love in Bali!?! Ahhhh Alls well that ends well! :-)

Anyhoo no workout this week not sure what the scale will say tomorrow a Weight Watchers. I want-scratch that--I will go and walk the Iron Girl course I plan to ask Mister to come with! Then we can come back home to the gym Socaerobics was great and then we can chill and then Mister & I are going to my good friend's home for dinner and that should be nice! Looking forward to it. I like doing couple things its nice. I am not gonna lie and say I miss dating because I don't! I like the stability of a relationship! I like that we are on the same page with most things, I like his personality and sense of humor, I like how he makes me feel and life is good! We are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC in the fall and I want it to be more active than laid back so I am looking into things to do besides eat and sleep on the beach! I am excited this will be our first "trip" :-) How cute! A/w I found miniature golf and lots of walking (in order to shop)!! Sounds like a plan to me! :-) If you know of anything else active to do let a sista know!


  1. I love this one Cylia. I am eating and praying, now on to the loving.

  2. Hello!
    Me & my fam just got back from Myrtle Beach, and we did some walking on the beach, but definitely over-indulged in the food department.
    When we go back in the Fall, we will work on being more active because it was wayyy too hot to do much in August!