Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The best laid plans....

Well now that Iron Girl is over its back to life back to reality! In terms of my fitness routine which was been jacked up over the past few months and I have paid the price in poundage! No lol! I been eating up a storm no excuses necessary it just is what it is (I hate that phrase) or as an old friend use to say it is what it is until it ain't!

Yesterday was the afternoon/evening from hell. First my bus came almost an hour late and the issue with the iggnat driver I wont even go itno but it took forever to get to my car where I packed not one but 2 sets of workout clothing but I took my car to Sears because of the flat tire and the brakes have been making noise. Well talk about a longgggg evening... I dropped the car off before work and got a call around 2pm that it was done I asked about the brakes and guess they overlooked that anyway the man checked on it and they are still under warranty and so they said it would be done by 5pm. Cool. Not cool. I get there and as I am walking up I am on the phone with my bff and I see Justice (my car) still on the lift. So I said Lisa let me call you back no sense in you listening to the carnage about to take place. Longggg story short the car was not done until after 8pm!!! I was sooo upset. Needless to say I didn't pay for jack and they threw in a free oil change. Problem I am a stress eater. I went o get dinner the first hour I was held hostage and added a milk shake. They there was a Cinnabon there so I got a mini one. I went back car needed another hour so I went to Unos and had an appletini and ended up ordering a shrimp and lobster dip. By the time the dip came the car was ready. I took it home. Issue here is I did so well alllll day I had a boiled egg and 2 slice turkey bacon for breakfast and 12 slice whole wheat toast Lunch a Veggie soup with Ozio (?) and crackers, Snack Quaker 90 calorie bar and a WW snack bar as well. The plan was to go workout and /or go to Massage Envy. Neither happened!

Talk about frustrated! Then my bf and I had a huge argument over some nonsense and welll I went to bed exhausted mentally and physically last night. I got a late start this morning and well I finally made it to work bus was late because of a 4 car pile up accident on 29. Why can't people just pay attention?!?! A/w PMS is sneaking in here too I am sure but in any case I am ready for the weekend although it involves some AKA event in NJ not really feeling a road trip but it will be a fun event and Sunday a co-worker invited me to do the BWI bike ride trail think I will take her up on that.

Aside from that I sent my story in to the Fit Feds program and I will be featured on their website! Got a few other PR things in the works as well and well stay tuned!! :-)

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