Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My Bikey!

Ok well Saturday I did my 17.5 miles bike ride and the only thing that came to mind is: why do steroids get such bad press? No seriously. There is no way what I did was healthy! No way! Just like these body builders and top athletes push themselves beyond normal human limits there are certain things the body should not do. Now the mind pushing the body to do these things and THIS is how steroids come into play. I totally get it. It was a hard ride! Everyone was saying (well you know the people who took this seriously and are not last minute trying to train therefore they have been out on the course...yeah them) said there was a really bad hill... A BAD HILL... That makes it seem like there is only 1- ONE- UNO bad hill! Well hell the first hill out the gate got me off my bike!!! Granted this was my first time riding it or even seeing it and others said they at least drove the route in their car but ohhhh no not last minute me!
So I head out and immediately I realize I am not a good bike rider. I hate hills. I even hate going down hills and the worst is we left at 9am or so from Princeton Sports in Columbia and that was hell-a late in my opinion! The traffic was all a buzz and it was just a trying experience. I really don't see why people do those century ride and what not Tour De France and what not. *kissing teeth* Biking is not pleasant in the least bit. The route is beautiful but you cant really enjoy it like that because you are trying to avoid getting hit by cars on back roads and oh yeah trying to breathe!!!! Here is the BIKE MAP so you can see the route! Madness. I tell you madness. Although the Princeton folks said no one gets left behind on their weekly ride...well damnit I got left behind!!! lol I wasn't mad though because I was huffing and puffing and maybe swearing a little so no need to have others witness my breakdown! But I did it and I stopped a few times to drink water (Note to self get camel bak) and when I made it back to civilization I stopped at a gas station for Gatorade and and some crackers because my hands were shaking so bad I figured I was depleted of something.
Bikers are not as friendly as walkers and runners although I did get a few "Good job!" and "You Rock" but bike riders seem to be in a zone. I can respect that. One lady did slow down enough to say I should point my knees straight ahead and not to the side...Like at mile 10....ok like I am worried about form?! Lady I am just trying to make it! Can I liiveeee!?!?! But I tired to remember that tip along the way. It is easier on your knees.
Well I left after 9am and didn't get back until 11:45 way too long I assume since the parking lot was empty lol But to my credit I saw a few people turn around at mile 2, 4 and 7 so I am just happy I did the course. Plus I stopped a number of times and walked and just caught my breath. I will do the course again this weekend and next weekend so I am at least use to it more and I'll be better prepared on race day. Oh and I am going at 6 or 7 am this weekend and not at 9am with the Princeton people since I basically rode alone anyhow. There will be less traffic and I think that will be better so at least I am more comfortable. You get 4.5 hours to finish the entire tri and I took 50 minutes for the swim, 2:45 for the bike, which leaves about 55 minutes for the 3.4 mile walk/jog. I can typically walk a 5k in 40 minutes but that's fresh out the gate not after swimming and biking so the goal will be to shave some time off of my swim since apparently that will be my strongest event lol and tighten up on the bike and work the hills and really the walk/jog is the last part so it is what it is. I will do that course this weekend. Here is the WALK/SWIM MAP Its all inside the park so I like that. I will plan to do that maybe Wednesday after work just to get a feel for it. Mister is off so maybe I'll ask him to join me.
A/w I made it back to the bike place and an older couple was in there van and husband yelled " Yeahhh!!" I said "Yeah is right!" Well I made it back and had my bike inspected which the event requires so got that out the way which is good. So as I am about to get the bike on my rack the couple drives over and the wife asked if I was doing the Iron Girl I told her yes she said she was too and asked what I thought about the course. I said it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. She said a few of the other women told her about one big hill and she said there were several. I agreed and this led me to believe that she did not see THE big hill called Mt. Albert. Her hubby followed her in the van while she biked that was sweet. Anyway we chatted for a few and she mentioned these gummy energy bites and her hubby insisted that I try one and I did and it was good tasted just like an orange gummy bear and I was able to get home and not pass out! I will buy a few and test them over the next few weeks. You got to take something to do this kind of event you swim .6 of a mile, bike 17.5 miles, the run 3.4 miles? Come on man ain't no way! I will say this THIS will be my LAST triathlon that's for sure!
Ok a side note of the weight thing well I missed a few Weight Watcher meetings even lost my book I was up 6.2 pounds. Ouch! That is putting me back where I was in Nov 09! So this weekend I really tried to work hard at cleaning up my eating and I did better not perfect (HAD A DONUT, BEAR CLAW, AND BOUGHT CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH CEREAL, AND UTZ WHITE CHEDDAR POPCORN) but better and I am going to set a new goal to lose 30 pounds by Oct 12th. That's 10 weeks. Now that's a lil above the 1-2 week mark I was doing but I am feeling ambitious and I think after the triathlon I'll really get fully back in gear. So I'll keep you posted!
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