Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well we have forward or should I say downward movement on the scale. I went to WW last Saturday and I am hoping for good results this week as well. TOM came and went and I am still trying to eat everything that is not nailed down! Frustrating when the body actively works against you. I straight up ditched my trainer on Monday (lol) ok no lol Well he ditched me first *looking around* and then I ditched him later that day. And for no good reason other than my mini protest against Verizon was over and I had my cable back after whatever issues were going on and they took their time to fix it and I was watching True Blood... Yes True Blood on demand which means I could have come back and seen it. But ohhh noooo! Anyway I feel tired. Mister says I always say I am tired lol and I do. My Doc told me last year I need to take iron pills but I been chilling... not cool. I am not anemic but something in my test results said my iron stores are low so should I burn through my normal levels there's nothing really there. Long and short of it take iron supplements. Anyway last Saturday I was down 4.8 pounds from my last Weight Watcher weigh in which really doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot because of what my Doc's scale said. I still want to lose 30 pounds by Oct. 12th !

I stopped drinking *gulp* likka in an effort to keep my body on top to train for the Iron Girl which incidentally is less that 2 weeks away. Funny. As I chill. I need new sneakers or at least new insoles gotta get on that. *note to self* Anyway point was no extra liquor/liquid calories to derail me.

I am just yapping away because what I really want to do is go downstairs at work and get some cookies or some butter popcorn or some chips or some...well you get the point. Tricks of the trade was supposed to be the title of this post so here we go:

- Fast Food portions---When I want fast food, which is often, I buy the kiddie meal. Yes it costs less and has less calories! So for example this week I wanted Chick-fli-a and I got the 2 strip kiddie meal with low fat chocolate milk which in all honesty is more than enough. That's why kids are fat because the strips are the same as the adult size. Anyway let me stop calling people's kids fat... Ok that is why obesity is on the rise b/c children eat too much...just like their parents.... ok back to the Verizon thing so I love fat/weight loss shows although I now hate the Biggest Loser (totally unrealistic and btw I watched the Iron Man this weekend and Matt from Biggest Loser was on there! HUGE!!! He didn't make it though.. Talk about rebound!!!) but things like Ruby & this new joint Too Fat for Fifteen. OMG OMG OMG I can't get enough even upped my cable bill to get the Style network... my point this young lady from Suitland Md came in at 510 pounds OMG parents WTH?!? I can't tell that lie my parents did try to help me as a child but really what happens why you can't stop a child from being 500 pounds as a teenager!? Another kid's parents said they couldn't lock the cabinets? Why the heck not? I guess its easier said than done as a non-parent but I know I got sent to boarding school and came back skinny lol I think now that may have been part of the plan! lol my parents know I don't eat Jamaican food! Ok ok all over the place I know... Point... I don't deprive myself of fast food I just opt for the smaller portion ie., the kiddie portion.

-Snack- I don't buy a lot of snacks. This is an issue with Mister because I swear he doesn't eat real food all I see are pretzels, teddy grahams, and granola bars. That's a problem for me. Aside from a few Weight Watcher snacks I dont have them in my home because I will sit and eat 10 of them without batting an eye. My latest snack craze is the Utz white cheddar popcorn. I eat the whole bag 12 points. I get 28-29 POUINTS A DAY MIND YOU and I feel no kinda way about it. That's how I do. After going hard on his snacks he said he would hide them to help me out. I said ok but don't put them in obvious places because my sister does this all the time! Be creative! He left his house the first closet I went into had all the snacks!! He didn't even mix it up put a few in the hallway, some under the bed, and others behind the toaster. My sister got skills. She knows snacks are my crack! And she doesn't give them up! I don't find a 100 calorie pack unless I tear the house up! Granted she is selfish and greedy but that helps me. Well he came back and just gave up put the snacks back on top of the refrigerator. *SMH* I'll have Bobbie Christina show him how its done when she gets back!

Anyhow...I aint been feeling the gym. Imma go Saturday morning and save my Iron Girl bike ride for Sunday morning. And just try and get something else in this week swimming or the treadmill anything. I already know this isn't the way to make that happen need to set my goals and put them in my blackberry but again just not feeling it.
Its Wednesday and the day is young :-) maybe Massage Envy is calling...

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