Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ride on!

At the hill on mile 9.4 just in time!

Well Saturday I went to do the 17.5 mile Iron Girl ride and I went earlier but wanted to go to my Weight Watchers meeting and get "The Word" lol it was a good week I was down (FINALLLLLLYYYYY) 4.8 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEW! Thank the Lord! I think that bike ride had something to do with it for sure lol The meeting was about binge eating and I can so relate eating is such a slippery slope for me which is what happened the past 3 months a meal out there, a snack there, a bag of popcorn there it just doesn't take much for me to go off track and wayyy off. I mentioned the book Women, Food, & God most said they heard about it and I was making the point that I have used the WW Tool of reframing but things like eating in the car I was just doing mindlessly and that book helped me to realize all that eating in the car is a form of binge eating. The book suggest you do not do that and its a great tip because I was famous for a Mc Donalds meal on the go can be 2000 calories easy! And that was just my in the car eating not the other "planned meals." I for one know exactly where all my weight came from so I know I must make efforts to not do those things!

Well back to the ride!!! I went yesterday and I was so excited I forgot my dang helmet in the car! I was about 1 mile out and I just couldn't justify going back! So I didn't wand to go back so I made up my mind to do about 10 miles and I did about that. I know some places you can get a ticket for riding without a helmet so I didnt want to risk that! Or get hurt which would just be my luck. I also went alone so needless to say I got lost! They do have marks on the ground but I am directionaly challenged and I just missed it. So I went stright through the roundabout at mile 4.8 instead of turning right. So I went up to about mile 6-7 and then turned around and headed back. I got a lil mixed up because the course goes the same first 4 miles and last 4 miles the same way but the other 10 they take you out and over then back if that makes sense. So going straight looked familiar because it was lol I saw it on the way home. I saw a St. Anthony Shine and I didn't recognize the pretty red sign but I KNEW I saw it and there was a sign for a bull roast and sure nuff I turned around and saw the sign that's when I realized I went the wrong way.

All in all it was a great ride I didn't get off as much and while I was still winded I wasn't nearly as winded as before. The plan was to go back today but I am feeling lazy but I am getting a late start and I am sure the roads will be jam packed. I will cross train today catch a class or two at the gym and then bounce back to Mister's place and then to his parents for dinner again.

Things are still going well, very well I really like him. We went to a friend's house party yesterday he enjoyed himself especially when the men talked football lol but it was nice we left a lil early because he had to work but we had fun.

Yesterday I got a camel pak well its the Target version it rang up for $44 I said what? I thought it said a $23 value?! Well the cashier didn't feel like doing a price check and gave it to me for $23 lol I told him I won't fight him on it!

I also picked up the In Style Magazine with Jennifer Hudson OMG....OMGGGGGG SHE IS TINYYYYYYYYY I never like when people say someone shouldn't lose anymore weight butttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt JHud you made it girl! lol

Ok well headed back to bed then to the gym! Latersssss

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