Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Divine Intervention!

Sweat Equity! After 3 hours of working out that's all that's left!

What a weekend I had! I went hard at the gym and did 3 hours! I got in early to Chizel It and did Dwayne's Brickhouse Cardio class, then I did the Chizel It class with Charles, then I did Zumba! I FELT GOOD! And if I must say I looked good. Oh wait back up... I went to my Weight Watchers meeting after like 5 weeks or more and the message was about deprivation. In good news I was only up .6 so less than a pound. I spoke up in class even though everyone else was reporting major losses that I was proud to only go up .6 because 3 years ago that would have been a 20 pound gain easily! I got my bravo and kept it moving. The message was good it was about balance and being careful to not get rid of any particular food because sometimes that makes you want it more. I agree I can't do Atkins because I'll spend all day thinking about bread and chips and crap that I don't normally eat but because they are taboo I'll want them even more. Goooddd point!

Well I had a funny thing happen to me I went grocery shopping this weekend and I bought some Haggen Daz ice cream... Rum & raisin to be exact. You may recall I have Jamaican roots and so I love me some rum and raisin and grape nut ice cream; two popular flavors in Ja. Well I bought a pint and figured I can have some. Normally I buy a scoop of ice cream to prevent over indulging but I have been working out hard and I want to believe I can trust myself to eat responsibly (lol)

So anyway I was home after nice weekend and it was late Sunday night and all of a sudden I thought about the ice cream and it was about 10:30pm. I normally fall asleep by 9-9:30 or so but I was up and my mind was up to no good! I swear I literally moved half an inch and my cell phone buzzed and I check the message and it was from my personal trainer confirming our appointment for the next day. LOL I had an attitude because I felt like I was cold busted!!!! LOL Now Charles KNOWS I go to sleep early and wake up early so it was really odd to me that he would check in so late. I just wrote back "Yes!" lol In class on Monday I admitted to him and the entore class what happened and everyone laughed and Charles simply said "We are all connected!" Its funny because I often say "Thoughts have wings" because we have all had that experience when we think about someone and out of the blue they call us my old friend used to call me "goat mouth" (West Indian saying menaing to jinx something or someone and make it happen by saying it) becuase anytime I asked about someone they would end up calling her especially her ex-husband who I was not fond of lol

What made that incident even funnier was on Friday I got an update on facebook from Curbside Cupcake saying they were right next door to my job! Ok for the non greedy people this is a company that drives around DC with fresh cupcakes in a van! A very pink van called Pinky 1 & Pinky 2! lol

I went looking for my co-worker who I call the bi polar dieter because she is either on it on it, or not lol but she's small so I can't worry about her lol but she is always a good partner in dieting crime...sometimes a good partner sometimes a bad but always a partner. I was praying she was in a bad dieting mood that day to have a co-conspirator BUT she was no where to be found! Not in her office, not on her blackberry, nowhere and she is always somewhere....Finally she resurfaces and I tell her what was up and of course she is down! *Jersey Shore fist pump*

Well we race out to catch Pinky because they can only sell for a short time. We see a co-worker and he has a dozen red velvet cupcakes (YUMMY) and we stop to scold him about not sending us an email and we head over and as we cross the darn street Pinky starts to pull off!    :-O

We wave them down frantically and long story short NO CUPCAKES!!! Some law about who knows what but once they close the window they can't reopen to sell to us! Talk about mad!!!!! But all I could say was Divine Intervention from the Weight Watcher gods strikes again! NEWMAN! Like the time I wanted a candy bar but pushed the wrong button and got a darn granola bar?!? Yeah like that! lol Ya gotta laugh!

Anyway back to the workouts...Sunday I went to my old gym Brick Bodies and did the early spinning class. I worked up a good sweat but the music was kinda wack and I told her so *Kanye West shrug* I will have to bring my Ipod like back in the day I see. Music is too important in a class like spinning! Anyhoo Monday I did Chizel It and 1 hour with my trainer. My goalswas to get back to my 5-6 hour workout weeks so far we have:

Saturday- 3hours, Sunday 1 hour, Monday 2hours = 6 hours! I'mma beast! *Doing the wop*

This is a busy week! Tonight I am off to see my gifrlfriend Janet Jackson!!!! Wednesday- Gym although I have an AKA meeting....still debating it though! Thursday- I have a Happy Hour in DC and my Mom is coming to town and I may have to go back to the Janet Jackson concert if I don't meet her tonight! Friday- I am going to the theater with my friend! So worst case I got my 6 hours in and I am good.

I was down a few pounds this morning. Oh and for the record I am going back to daily weigh ins! This weekend I have a few fun things planned! The Kappas are having a "Networking Day Party" whatever that means! Looking forward to it though! :-)  I also have a friend's 40th birthday that evening, and some Sorors from a local chapter are having a midnight bowling event! Oh and that's all just on Saturday! LOL Sunday I am getting a massage had one Monday it was long overdue! I am really trying hard to get in my fluids and eat right so I can have a decent weight loss on Saturday like 5 pounds I would be so happy! But we will see!

Anyhoo have a great week!!!

And wish me luck on meeting Janet! :-)


  1. Too funny soror!! LOL. I feel you on the whack music for Spinning class. I went Spinning on Saturday, it was my third time Spinning and the first 2 times the music was on point. But this third time the music was so whack that it left me uninspired. I should have done like you and told the instructor lol

  2. Yeah girl they need feedback lol I mean she asked lol