Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight.

The Devil Wears Prada-Emily knows what she's talking about!

One of my all time favorite movies besides Sliding Door, The Matrix, & Mean Girls (in no particular order otherwise Mean Girls would be first lol just kiddin!) is The Devil Wears Prada! Hilarious! This week has been rough some how I managed to get really bad allergies, a cold, and a stomach virus all at the same time!! All of that is to say I thought of the quote from Emily "I'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight." *insert crossed fingers here* Anyway I lost 9.5 pounds in less than a week!  I guess missing Trinidad & Tobago Carnival wasn't that bad after all, you may recall I lost like 8 or 9 pounds in 7 days last year on the "Carnival Diet!" Least you ask like someone last night at my sister's birthday dinner...the Carnival diet is not a real diet but between walking down the entire city and only eating once a day on things like doubles, bake & shark, and KFC and likka to sustain us and well I came back like 9 pounds lighter and the best part was I went right back into my workouts so I re-gained like half but then lost the rest shortly thereafter!

Well I walked into work this morning and one of my co-workers told me I looked "GREAT" I said Oh ok thank you but I had a cold, allergies, and a nasty stomach virus and she said well you'd never know you look great! Ok so in thinking back I done lost 9.5 pounds since she last saw me lol I guess it was visibly apparent to her. LOL This stomach virus is no joke! I have not eaten anything since Sunday and anything I've tried will not stay down! I know TMI! I felt a little better last night and it was my sister's 29th birthday so I dragged myself out to dinner with her and her peeps it was nice. I couldn't taste anything though so I guess the cold affected my taste buds but alas I am feeling "Emily" from the Devil Wears Prada because I have not been this weight since LAST March! I keep detailed records so I am like how little can I eat and how much can I workout to at least repeat last years victory?! That's sooo wrong right?  Look if its one thing I keep saying its that I am not a health nut at all. I trade "good" points for liquor, I skip meat and potatoes for dessert, and I workout like a mad woman! I am trying to do better but I am really going to restrict myself for at least a week. Maybe all liquids except for one meal. My trainer is juicing and I have been JOKING (lol) but maybe I will talk to him about it. I am not a juicing type of person but there are benefits that's for sure. *sigh*

At this point I only need to lose 35 more pounds to reach my goal weight! Ok so maybe I am like 3 stomach flus away from my goal weight but still! RE: my goal was 50 pounds by June 1st. I can be honest I have not been disciplined with my food or my workouts like I need to be but March Meltdown has inspired me and this jolt/illness has too! lol So I need to work it! I have an overnight trip for my sorority and Sunday dinner plans with a good Soror friend who is in town so I told her I am not eating for 2 days so I can have crab cakes and dessert! lol 

What else? On the dating front...I been talking to someone new for a few weeks :-) He's cool and funny and I enjoy talking with him about all kinds of stuff. He's also older like 45 I tell ya that's all I get 28 year olds and below and 40 year olds and above! We have plans at some point this weekend... I think he is actually busier than I am and busier than Bachelor #1 lol he travels a lot for work in fact in a week he's been to the Cali, NC & Miami! Pretty cool except for when he is texting me beautiful pictures from the West Coast... :-/ Yup Imma hater!

Exhibit A
But we shall see... I been slacking on my Soulmate Secret work and it may be intentional. I need to take some time and work on that. Oh and its Lent I am giving up bad fast food and taking up daily prayer and journaling. Prayer... I been getting it in but not journaling. I will get on that though!
Well my workout plans for Saturday are a no go so nothing until Monday unless I can get it together on Sunday so we shall see.

Have a Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Soror, how come I know ALL about the carnival diet? On vacation in Tortola, BVI I experienced the same thing. A mile walk along the beach each morning, johnny cakes and water every day, and fun. Diets should always be that easy.

  2. Love the title of this entry. I know you can get to that goal weight! I am sending you something to your FB inbox that you may find interesting and helpful.

  3. @ Soror Tamara~ Righttttt?!?! I didn't feel hungry or anything too busy having fun in the sun!!! Can't wait til 2012!!

  4. @ Bash - Let me dig that up some emails don't show up on my blackberry so I open them then forget to go back and read it on the computer! Thanks!!