Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sisters in Sweat!

Sorors in Sweat! Me, My Personal Trainer Charles Harris, and my Soror Jacquie visiting from PA getting her 3 hours in too!!

WHEW! What a weekend! What a week! Well for the bad news! I gained 3.8 pounds! I know!! *insert sad face here* BUT in just thinking about it I had chicken wings like 4 times this week, wine, and other eating out...like lots of cupcakes... More than the law would allow! I was out every day last week from meetings, to the Janet concert, to the NPHC Happy Hour, to midnight bowling! Too much going on! But good times! Very good times!

I am disappointed but I didn't even do the minimum by journaling so on Saturday I started  there. Ironically the message at my Weight Watchers meeting was "Have You Ever Slipped?" Always on time. The take away message was to go back to basics like journaling, drinking water, weighing and measuring your food rather than eye balling portions, etc.. The second question was what caused the slip up and the main reason people gave was they were not prepared. I really didn't prepare for this week's activities at all! I winged it. Never good. And it was funny I shared it with someone and she gasped lol there have been weeks I could gained 5-8 pounds because that's how I do. My body is unforgiving. On the other hand if I do right it does right. I've never have a plateau. I either gain or lose. I remember a gym friend of mine who lost like 130 pounds plateaued for like 3 or 4 months! She was driving herself crazy to lose that last 5-7 pounds but it finally gave way to her goal. I've never gone through that. My body is pretty much like my personality what you see is what you get. No tricks, no gimmicks it is what it is... In a way I like that because when I put in the time it will pay off but when I don't the results are instantaneous...hence the 3.8 pounds I found when I was hoping for a 5 pound loss lol 

Anyhoo...We ended the meeting on the fact that you should not get stuck feeling guilty or spiral down even more rather re-group and get back on track.

Our leader Joann ended the meeting with this thought "If your eating is out of control at 10am you can get back in control at 10:01am!" I spoke about that last time and it was a great reminder.

Another interesting point that came out during the meeting was a discussion of "If I knew then what know now, I would have down ____ differently." The answers were soooo good I wrote them down. One person said that if they knew it would be harder to lose weight the older they got they would have started sooner.
I agree with that. I wish in my 20s I was more serious about weight loss. That's why I love shows like Too Fat for 15 and I Used to Be Fat ohhh the time and energy I could have saved by getting serious then! But no sense in crying over spilled fat free milk! :-)

My WW leader Joann made a good point that yes after 35 your metabolism does slow down but a lot of that is also behavior. She explained that she (at over 60 years old) is not as strict as she used to be. For example she was sick last week. She said in her 20s or 30s she would have still gone to exercise but she said Now? Nope she said she stayed in and slept. LOL So her point was we shouldn't get caught up in that issue of age and just know that yes you may have to work harder but it can happen.

Another person said "If I knew then that the compliments wouldn't keep the weight off I would have stayed more focused" I am paraphrasing but I feel her on that! She said she lost 30 pounds and people kept telling her she looked great and she started to slip and not journal, not bring food, hang out more, not work out as much, etc., etc. Sounds real familiar to me !! LOL All jokes aside but that is SO true the compliments are nice but they can go to your head and that will not keep the weight off. Its not like you don't know that BUT its easy to forget the hard work you have to put in to lose and keep weight off.

For the first time in my life I actually believed all the people who said losing weight was the easy part, keeping it off was the hard part. Its so true. Its kinda like pledging when people say the real work starts after you cross. True words. When you are on the "other side" things look so great and all you want is to be on the inside looking out but you forget the work you exhibited to be pulled into the "club" is just a preview of things to come so you gotta keep it up. I read this quote in a magazine last year it said

"Someone who has what you got, is out doing what you are not." 

Think about it. Let it marinate. Yeah then get busy.

Anyway I had a workout guest! One of my Sorors Jacquie!!! She came to workout with me for 3 hours on Saturday! She thinks all the Chizel It teachers are crazy lol and she did not like Charles coming over to give her personal attention lol BUT she yawned during class so she drew unnecessary attention to herself lol BUT she made it through and it was a great workout! It was a great visit and I need to switch more get togethers to workouts instead of eating out. Ohhh and my other friend came too! The one I mentioned a few posts back who wanted help getting back on track! So it was a good day for fellow Sisters in Sweat!! I feel good about Saturday's start and I feel focused. I wasn't perfect because I had a Day Party, a 40th Birthday party, and then a midnight bowling event. It wasn't fatal plus I had the extra 43 points from activities. Sunday I slept in then went with Jacquie to a soul food restaurant Granny's before she hit the road. I took most of it home to share with my sister and I am working on a techinique of having a few bites less than half a serving because serving sizes are like 2 and 3 times normal. A WW tip from one of the few men at the meeting so we will see. 

Monday I made the famous Weight Watchers 0 point soup and salmon and I packed lunch for Tuesday. So its a new week.
Workout Plan for the week: Wednesday- Gym Zumba & Brickhouse and Thursday-Socarobics & Chizel It!

More Photos of the Week!

Janet Concert!

Another Soror in Sweat! Socarobics buddy at the Janet concert!

NPHC Happy Hour!
NPHC DC chapter venue

A room full of sister!

New friends!

Old friends! Another Soror in Sweat Soror Nikki!

SHREK The Musical 

The stage how cool!

Meredith's  40th Birthday!

Midnight Bowl! 

 That's all for now! I'll be sure to check back in! :-)

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