Friday, March 18, 2011

Roll it gal...Control it gal...

I had the BEST time at the gym yesterday! I am not gonna lie my mind was playing tricks on me! First I left work a few minutes early and the bus came LATE! Not a biggie for an ordinary commuter however when you work in DC and live in Maryland 15 minutes can mean almost an hour in terms of traffic! On the way up the road I tried to keep my mind focused on the gym!!  The plan was to take Socarobics & then the class my personal trainer teaches Chizel-It! All of a sudden I was thinking about going to Qdoba! Like really thinking hard about chips and melted cheese! Out of no where! My mind was out of control! Then I was thinking about skipping Qdoba and just going home! Who would know? I could just go home like yesterday and crawl in the bed and rest myself. That's the hard part about having a long commute its too easy to talk yourself out of working out! But I have a goal....and it involves a LBD

What is a LBD you ask? See above... A LBD is a Little Black Dress...She is a little black wrap dress I bought in January. Its a size large (and for yall skinny heffas no biggie but for me a size 12/14 is real progress!) Well to be honest it fits... because it has 2 inside buttons BUT it didn't look just right when I tried it on but I refused to take it back! So of course the only other option is to get into it right?

Well I always keep a goal in front of me and I left it on my closet door so I could look at it and be inspired by it. I did that with my sister's hand me down Apple Bottom jeans and it worked. It really is a two fold approach. On one hand its literally sitting out for me to look at and lust after (lol) and motivate me but it also helps me visualize. I know I am like the worst blogger in the world because I don't use tags or labels or whatever but I did a post some time ago about the power of visualizing your goals. Beyond doing a Vision board its actually seeing yourself doing something like a speech, crossing the finish line, or looking amazing in some Apple Bottoms! 

I also did a post (may have been the same one) about the power of positive affirmations. My goal is to do them daily but I have been a little off my game. Both ideas I got from the DVD The Secret and there is compelling research to suggest that there is a correlations between using both tools as it relates to realizing your goals.

Anywayyyyyy I am working on "seeing" myself in the dress and well that helped me to keep my commitment to working out yesterday. That and my trainer Charles texting me the night before asking about me. *eye roll*

So I got it together and went straight to the gym (going home is fatal to a good plan!) and made a pit stop in the mall as a treat to myself for following through! I got some new workout gear and the girly things were buy one, get one 50% off so I grabbed a few things and went to workout!

I saw my trainer at the door and he gave me his classic greeting and I rolled my eyes and started to whine about me being sick and why he was sending me a text message with an attitude (lol) he didn't pay me any mind as usual! He said he was just checking! I said your text was doing more that just checking on my cold Charles! lol 

A/w his wife commented on how good I looked she said she could tell I was "coming down nicely." I brushed that off because I done gained back the magic 9.5 stomach flu pounds plus 2! *humph* But she said no I see it I said whatever and went to class!

Anyhooo one of my gym friends that's been MIA was there and she stopped me before class to tell me she could tell I lost some weight and looked really good! I was like really? I am still trying to lose what I gained last summer! She said well its working! I started to brush her off like my trainer's wife but then I said you know Donna just said the same thing and so did a co-worker but I don't see it but if you are saying it too I'll have to take yalls word for it lol My sister made the point that sometimes the scale is a little behind on one's actual progress and that is true. I have been back on track for about 3 weeks before I got sick last week and well my body must be shaping up or trimming down more than the scale is documenting.

Well Socarobics was great last night! Its been kinda blah lately but last night she was ON IT! I was sweating up a storm and she played my favorite song! Roll It Gal, Control It Gal by Alison Hinds!!!! Its bomb! But it made me think about controlling my mind and my thoughts not just my body (lol) it is really another form of exercise to get my mind under "heavy manners" as Jamaicans' would say. You have to be vigilant and well this journey is often about celebrating big milestones but in all honesty we all need to work on celebrating even the small victories we achieve every day. Some times its from one meal to the next or from one workout to the next! Anyway I cancelled my community service plans and I have an appointent with the gym and oh with Weigth Watchers! The weather is great and I am such a slacker I still have my bike rack on my car (lol) so I might take her for a spin haven't been riding since I did the iron Girl in August!

Have a great weekend!!! Enjoy Alison's video and move sum-thang this weekend! :-)

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