Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ahhh nothing like a good ole fashion road trip! Well I had one this weekend for my Sorority and I am so proud of myself I prepared myself food wise and I had to share!
I posted this before in another foodie post but I said let me mention it again. Road trips are potholes in healthy habits; without proper planning! So I stopped by the grocery store on my way to meet my road trip partner and got a few things. In the past my road trip snacks would consist of pringles, snickers, and anything I could eat along the road mostly fried chicken sandwiches or something really yummy but bad for you! But I am in March Meltdown so I had to come armed!

Great road trip snack! Pretzels, grapes, carrots, and cheddar!

Safeway sells these snack packs and it was great! I got another one with caramel and apples that was a good too.
My plan was to have the quick trip up then workout Sunday but I was too tired so I rested and had dinner with a soror and her boyfriend. It was a great meal with great conversation! They are both working out and losing weight so that's a great connection to make!

Monday I was back on it and I took my trainer's Chizel It class and he mixed it up and did workout stations for teams of two! So one station you and your partner would go up and down on the step with weights, the next station run sideways back and forth, the next do chest presses on the balance ball, next station lift weights while squatting, etc, etc, there were about 10 stations and we went around twice! I AM SO SORE! I was sweating like an maniac! We did that for 35 minutes then went to a more traditional class. He said its good to mix it up every once in awhile! Ironically I mentioned that in my last post! So I guess so! We had our 1 hour session afterwards and it was nothing nice either! But I am seeing results! Some of my clothing is getting loose again! Good stuff!

I had a follow up with my Doc because I get my blood drawn every year just to see whats what and I was mighty pleased! I was down about 4 pounds from my last visit a few weeks ago and my numbers were the bomb!  I was very happy my blood pressure was 113/87 (You may recalla t one point I was on blood pressure meds) my sugar number 84 (thats been the same for 10 years), Cholesterol was a shocker only 89 (down for 110) my Vit D was lowwww so I had to get a Rx for that and my iron was very low too so I need to get on that!

All in all a good report! I know I have mentioned this before so ladies and gents know your numbers! I am not gonna lie hearing Soror Star Jones say she had open heart surgery was a lil jarring to me! She is young!!! Too young for that but all those years of being morbidly obese must have taken a toll on her young heart. I always remember how hard she would suck in air as she spoke. There would be these major gasps for breath when she was heavier that seems to have eased up a little bit now. Anyway my point know you numbers...see your doctors...all of them! You may be too tired to exercise and it isnt all in your mind; it may be medical! So check it out!

That's all for now! I am looking at a busy week and very little gym time so I need to keep on my at home options and Saturday is another longg day! But Imma make it do what it do!

My allergies are kicking my butt! I never had allergies in NY and every year I have been here its gotten worst. :-(  So I am not feeling 100% anyway good thing no appetite gotta look for the silver lining! :-) Latterrrsssss


  1. That road trip snack sounds awesome. It's cool that you could also prepare it at home.

  2. Great point! I love quick and easy but you are right a few extra minutes and one can repeat it at home!!