Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Meltdown Motivation

Yall know I declared this month March Meltdown and well it is already March 23rd!  My goal was 10 pounds this month and thanks to being sick I did drop 9.5 pounds but as soon as I could eat again I gained that back lol I will weigh in Saturday and I am expecting a loss! I am claiming a loss!!! But I wanted to share this from its an article/photo gallery on Celeb Weight Loss! Kudos to these ladies! And kudos to Essence for getting an array of women of all sizes & ages who have lost weight. I am really impressed with these before and after shots!

I have often said motivation is overrated! I posted a blog entry from another workout person and he basically explained that motivation is overrated because it is fleeting. So what you don't feel motivated to work out; if you made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle you have to stick to it so in the end its not so much about "feeling like" or being motivated its about the long term commitment. I am not like Oprah who says she hates working out I actually like the challenge working out presents which is why I think having a personal trainer is the best thing for me because he pushes me even when I don't feel "motivated" to workout as hard as I should or workout at all. Its so much easier to eat cheesecake and drink wine! Sorry I got off track... :-)

With all that being said! Them Celeb pics are hell-a motivating lol they look goooddd! My fave was of course Janet!!! I am still high off of last night's concert! *swinging my hips & singing* 

"It's All For You...." 

Last night was the Janet Jackson concert in DC and while I didn't get a picture with her... I did get an up and close personal wave and smile from the diva herself as she left the parking lot. I am getting closer yall thanks to some shameless flirty with security! }:-) A girls gotta do what she's gotta do!!! Shootttttt I'll let him take me out for drinks sometime :-)

Some of you may know that Janet wrote a book entitled: True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself ! I bought the book a few months ago when it came out but have not had a chance to read it but I took it with me yesterday to see if I could get it signed but no such luck BUT she is here for two more nights! :-) Anyway the book is about diet, weight loss, and self esteem. So weird to think of someone as beautiful and talented as Janet Jackson having self esteem problems but as the famous poem goes "We wear the mask" I am going to read it maybe tonight on the treadmill! My Mom is in town and we are staying in DC at the hotel I BET Janet is in! But we will see!

A/w I was so sorry she only did a book signing in NY and one in LA! If I had known I would have gone to NY for the show! I am a really big Janet fan! I have been to every concert for the past 20 years! I have Janet Jackson earrings ok? And a matching necklace! I even have a life size oil painting! This love is serious now!

Whew! A/w I am operating on very little sleep but it was well worth it! I'll check back in about the book in a few weeks and give a review. I saw recipes in the back and some great pictures inside well worth it for a fan like me! Oh and some innovative and lucky young people under 20 year olds got to have a meet and greet with her because of their community service efforts. I spoke with two of them one started a modeling club in an elementary school and the other created a science camp for underprivileged children! How cool is that?! And ok they looked about 12 years old! How impressive! Sweet kids! They were so star struck it was wonderful!! Kudos Janet...Miss Jackson if ya nasty!!!  

Ok ok ok my point you (and when I say you I am including myself) may need some additional motivation or encouragement to see you through so I suggest using the Essence picture gallery as a kick in the pants! I create various Vision Boards and I have one with JHud on it! See below! So use the images to create either a virtual vision board or a cork board one! As Spring gets into gear it just reminds us of the upcoming summer and that's basically half a year gone! Of course my good ole favorite poem ONLY ONE POUND comes to mind!

As my Law School Dean would say (since luck has nothing to do with success) HAPPY HUNTING!

If you really want it its all for you....

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