Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Roadtrip Part Deux.. What had happened was...

What a difference a week makes! I had two back to back sorority related roadtrips...yes both to New Jersey...both on Saturdays! *insert groan here* Well I packed my snacks and even brought water for me and my roadtrip partners and I dunno it went downhill fast! We left Friday evening and my stomach was finally feeling a little bit better and as we were making our way up the road I asked if we would stop and eat because I really didn't want to eat super late and it was already close to 8pm. The driver agreed and asked where we should go well I dunno what possessed me to say Hooters! Some other Sorors I hang with at convention have a get together called Wing Bowl and its a tradition and maybe because this was a conference related trip I thought about it and wanted some wings. Well we went 20 plus miles off course to the nearest Hooters.

Long story short the wings weren't even good! They were too greasy! Don't you hate when you do something like that and it isn't even good? Well we took the leftovers got on the road again and got there and called it a night. I only had 2 wings and some onion rings so it wasn't the end of the the world.

The next morning the hotel had waffles and other carbs (pastries, etc.) and I split a waffle with someone and had some juice not a protein in sight! We found the school where we were meeting and they had breakfast but it was all carbs again. That was cool since I had the half of a waffle *blank stare* I didn't even look over there. Needless to say by 11:30am I WAS STARVING!!!!! Why I didn't bring my Chobani yogurt inside with me? Or even a protein shake? I don't know yall.

Lunch finally came (at noon mind you lol) and it was sandwiches with cold cuts, pasta salad, chips, and of course cookies! I spent a good bit of time catching up with some Sorors and that made me even more hungry by the time I got in line! I took half a turkey and Swiss on whole wheat, small bag of chips, and a cookie and water. Well my roadtrip partners grabbed like three or four cookies and said they got some extra ones for me. Ok let me stop here at this point because as I was telling a friend about how differently this roadtrip was from the last one she asked me why I thought I acted differently.

I said I dunno... I am greedy. Longer story short she began to ask me if it was based in the company? She asked did I feel "ashamed" or something with the first trip because that person was not overweight vs. the people on second trip. I began to talk about an article I read that says overweight people tend to hang out together (in short) Here's the article --->  Are Your Friends Making You Fat . She stopped me short and refused to hear my point lol But the point was basically what she was saying or questioning me about my level of comfort the article said "Our ideas about what's a normal amount of food or exercise, and what counts as a normal body size, all seem to be influenced by the people to whom we're connected. And researchers believe these "norms" ultimately shape our weight." Here's another one that article talks about solutions to combat that issue.

It made me think about my workout network and my Weight Watchers meetings and how helpful that has been. My theme has been consistency in terms of my workouts and I neglected the importance of  the company you keep because that matters too. Its funny one of my roadtrip partners is getting another new personal trainer and she asked me if I felt like we would always have to have personal trainers and I said "Oh I already know I will! Its like any other necessary expense in my life." And she agreed.  

Old Awards crew! Reunited and it feels so good to be on the other side :-)

On Sunday I may have set myself up a bit in terms of my cold because I went to a dinner with some Sorors & frat and had a great time but I was outside a little too long and I started coughing up a storm on Sunday. At the cookout I did well 2 bbq chicken wings, a little potato salad, bbq beans, and one hot dog. I could have had a lot more let me tell you the food was good! But I was meeting another Soror for dinner who I haven't seen in over a year. I could have skipped actually eating but I wanted the crabcake so I took a few bites and wrapped it I could have what I really didn't need.... the red velevet cake and ice cream! We agreed we could have split it! Next time! Well I had half and took the rest home.

Monday I was feeling really sick again from the cold/flu so I skipped the gym. I plan to go tonight even though I am really tired. I am about to cancel a community service project for Saturday. There is nothing worth three missed Saturday workouts. I got to cut back...period!

So I was reading something on today called Think Like A Thin Person  and it made me think about my behavior and its a really good read... check it out. She talks about the fear of hunger and thinking back over the roadtrip I did things out of fear of being hungry...not that I actually was hungry. Like Hooters it was getting late and I didn't want to GET hungry and eat later. A number of the judges didn't show up so there were sandwiches left so I took some with me IN CASE I got hungry...ok really? Hungry on a 2 hour drive down 95 like I would die or something? The coach in the article makes a good point about most people who lost weight regain it something like 95% YIKES! I'll let you read it and make up your own mind about her point but I need to work on that fear of hunger thing. Let me know your thoughts....

I have fasted before so its not like I can't go 8 hours without eating I just haven't done it in a while. Maybe with it being Lent and me slacking on my prayers and journaling I can add fasting to the mix.

Anyyywayyyy!!! Its new day and I am going to face the scale on Saturday at WW and do some of the things I know to do like PLAN my meals and get some structure back in my life. I'll check back soon!

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