Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to Bizz

Headed to see Steve Harvey size 12 New York & Company dress!

Well I am back to business! I met with my Personal trainer on Saturday and had a great workout. We ended up going out into the mall (his gym in located inside the mall) and doing the dreaded stairs. I was surprised at how different an experience that was I remember our first few workouts and I had to walk up and down and how hard it was. I had to hold on to the rail and drag myself up by the 2nd or 3 set but not this time. I was actually jogging up the steps without stopping for all 5 sets! Walking down I went slower because to do have like a vertigo type thing going on with steps. But in terms of how I felt I was amazed!

I am back down about 1.5 pounds and its TOM so I am expecting my major drop next week. Hopefully before my doctor's appointment I want her scale to register the 100 pounds! That would be awesome!

Well today I workout with my trainer again and I am ready. When we don't work out I miss it so does my body! I can feel the difference too. I need to make an effort to use my treadmill on off days when I can't get to the gym. I can be honest the next few weeks are brutal but I am keeping my gym appointments which I will log into my blackberry!

In other news went to see Steve Harvey with some Sorors & my Linesisters parents on Saturday! What a good show!! STEVE IS FUNNY! I went out to brunch with another Soror on Sunday and had a great time. If its one thing I am loving about this journey is the relationships that are growing which in terms helps me to grow. There are also some "friendships" that have ended, been put on hold, etc. and I am ok with that. I need positive progressive people in my life and as the word says ask and ye shall receive. I can't say I am sad or mad about the changes because everything has a time & a season and I think for some relationships they served a purpose at that time and no longer serve me and vice versa. That doesn't mean I will never speak to them again etc. but as for right now life is good. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have a sincere circle of supporters and loved ones in my corner.

I am planning my 35th birthday party and its coming along nicely and I am excited about turning 35. 35 is cool! It sounds mature and grown maybe because its only 5 years away from 40? And to me 40 is the ultimate grown girl status! I am excited to have so many things on my "To Do List" checked off and I want to start brainstorming some new & exciting goals for the next 5 years!

Part 2
May 4th 2010- Update***I went to my personal training session on Monday it was H.A.R.D. but I am down another 1 pound this morning! Glad the scale is going in the right direction! As I said I MUST WORKOUT! MUST! I am slacking on journaling now though but I'll work on that. This week is not as crazy as the last few so my goal is to make it to spinning on Weds & Socarobics on Thursday.

Seacrest outtttt! :-)

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