Monday, May 31, 2010


My LS Stacey #7 "The Apprentice" & Me #1 "Due Diligence" of the 10 L.E.A.P.S. of Faith
My LS Stacey & Me 2009

A NSV is Weight Watcher talk for a Non Scale Victory. In other words when the scale may not say what you want it to but you have other good news to report. That picture has 2 NSVs! The first is that's my little sister's size medium shirt I am wearing! The second, I am loving the pic with my Linesister! A year ago our pic looked verrrrryy different! State's Evidence Photo # 2 :-)

I say it all the time I really don't feel different but for the clothing sizes and the pictures I couldn't tell I've lost so much weight. But pics don't lie!

I said yesterday I am up more than I'd care to admit but I am down almost 2 pounds since last week so I'll take it. When you are more mindful about what you are taking in it makes a difference plain and simple!

I went to my Linesister's granddaughter's 1st birthday party then to my friend's cook out. I ate too much but still less than I would have if I wasn't being mindful!
The biggest mishap was after inhaling a hamburger I saw the box! 310 calories/ 26 grams of fat and 0 fiber= 8 POINTS for a damn hamburger! I should have looked first but I did Body Combat and had 17 points left and I had a small sandwich and some chips & dip at the baby's party oh and some fruit. Plus I still have my 35 points so it was not the end of the world; just another example of how knowledge is power.

I love summer though the fresh fruits are amazing! I had the best watermelon yesterday humm humm good!

Today there are 3 classes at the gym and I am going to all 3! My friend Danielle is coming for at least 2 of the classes. So that's good! I definitely feel my momentum coming back. I looked back over my post and to lose this weight I was working out like 10 hours a week. That's a lot considering I work 40 hours a week, commute 4 days a week- 3 hours a day, and I have a busy life with AKA, Junior League, my bar associations and my fabulous social life lol but I see where I MADE it work so I just have to keep doing it. The Body Combat class is a great workout I think I will work that back into my Sunday routine. I love the teacher Allison! When I came into class she said she was "honored" that I came lol She played a lot of oldies but goodies I joked that Body Combat must be on release #59 and she said close #44 and she added "WOW we started back with Body Combat #4" I said you are right #4 or #5 was my first Body Combat class!!! I know everyone in class was wondering who I was lol Ahh Good times! Anyway I feel great!

That's all for now enjoy your Memorial Day!!

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