Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day T25!!! lol

Well Day 2 uneocus T25 is in the books!! That was less cardiovascular but way more intense!  Like call me Daddy intense lol

The best part about T25 aside from only needing to commit to only 25 minutes is it is fast paced but has variety. Insanity is a great workout but it was way too boring.  I'm spoiled because I have a great personal trainer who always provides an exciting interactive varied workout so T25 delivers on that for me.

*ETA (Edited to add) My heart rate monitor went completely crazy when I did the Heisman after we had to add the clap under one leg! OMG Talk about unexpected lol

I'm happy to report I was under my calorie goal yesterday too. I went to a party last night and had a few appetizers and still came up under goal. Plus the Man Friend and I spent most of the time dancing so a few extra calories burned to boot!

I was very careful about what I had yesterday and it reminded me that weight loss is difficult for me...or not to be negative it's been a challenge for me because it requires concentration and I live such a busy life that I don't take the time to consistently plan. But what I know for sure is when I do put in the time I get the results. So while I was super comfy in my bed watching Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy (OMG!!!!!!!) I told myself you spent the money because you only need to commit to 25 minutes watch one more episode then go get it done!!!

Yesterday I put together a picture from 2007 (left), yesterday before pictures (middle) and my goal for September where I was in 2010! Well Shaun T got the side eye from me when I saw burpees lol I opted for the modification...but I got it done! Day 2 Done!

Some pics from last night Summer Throwback Party by the lovely Theta Omega Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 

Good times!!!


  1. So glad I found your blog on this post!! I am in need of cross-training; I "wog" (walking meets jogging... wouldn't dare call myself a runner) and that ALMOST keeps my weight in check. Even as Immediate Past President, I need short and fun if I'm going to do anything other than head out the door with the dogs.

    Five of us from the JL Charlottesville are doing the Women's 4-miler training program. (I think we'll have about 15 Leaguers racing.) I've done the race twice before, but never really trained for it, so I'm hoping to actually RUN the whole thing.

    1. That's excellent! !!! I actually just used the treadmill today for an extra workout boost!!!