Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jumping into June!!!

Yikes my last post was in April! !! That's insane! Sadly I have not had much to report fitness wise so I guess I just didn't bother updating.

I've been seriously unmotivated.  Now I've blogged about the fact that motivation is overrated. In life we all do things we don't feel like doing but we have to do them. For example work! Love my job but if I could make the same money not commuting 3-4 hours a day I would stop in a New York minute! No shame in my game lol

A few weeks ago I was up early (as usual) and came across the Focus T25 workout DVD infomercial and the idea of a 25 minute workout piqued my interest.  I didn't jump on it right away but eventually I bought it and today was Day 1.

It was a good workout I started sweating very quickly. Not sure if it was all that great or I'm just that out if shape! I used my Polar Heart rate monitor since I didn't find it listed in the My Fitness Pay Database and in 30 minutes I burned almost 300 calories! So that's impressive some workouts I do only give me 300-400 for a 60 minutes investment.

Sadly my HIM rates my fitness at fair :-O I swear that was like a kick to the gut I typically rate at elite!!! Even when I've been heavier than I  now! So I've got work to do!

The other priority is food!  I've been going out a lot and I need to work on changing my mindset to get whatever you want to fuel your body properly. On Tuesday I turn 39! Wow time flies and I definitely want my theme "Feeling Fine at 39" to ring true for the year! So back to basics more protein, less carbs! Breakfast was chicken sausage and a boiled egg cooked with I Can't Believe it's not butter and I added some fresh spinach and onions.

I have chapter meeting today so I'm glad I thought ahead and worked out early and cooked. We have an event afterwards so I plan to stop at Trader Joes for a salad. I love the summer but my already busy life kicks into overdrive so I have to be mindful of my food. Since November I've re lost about 40 pounds but I've been stuck for the last 2 months because this is my nasty set point so I have to dig a little deeper and focus, cut some things out, and make adjustments in my attitude.

Another quick word in T25 again Shaun T is great to watch and he has a really motivating coach like way about him so it's easy to get it done. I'm in dire need of new sneakers so that's on today's to do list as well.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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