Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Morning Motivation

Wow! Monday sure does come fast!  Lol I just finished Day 3 of the T25 workout. Another sweat inducing event! For some reason my Heart rate monitor was reading fairly low I think because this workout focused on core strength vs. Cardio. That's not to say it was an easy workout in fact it's the hardest one so far.

The Day 3 workout is called Total Body Circuit and there were planks, sprints, and dynamic squats oh my! I did most of the modifications because my sneakers are broke downnnnn! I took them to China and needless to say since they helped me survive climbing the Great Wall they are overdue to be retired! Lol

I was careful with my calories yesterday and logged everything in and I swear I eat way too much!  It doesn't seem like a lot at the time but when I slow down to track it's amazing.  I upped my calories on My Fitness Pal to 1400 since I'm working out and the body can be very tricky when you go too low but I think I've been just careless.  I opted for some goat cheese, fresh fruit salad and a few pita chips last night instead of a second bag if kettle corn which I just found out was 390 calories!!!! I was reading the label wrong for years lol

 I also focused on my water. I bought this bottle at Trader Joes and will get a few more it's supposed to help keep you hydrated! No nasty taste and no calories!

Anyway great way to start my Monday I actually decided to do my treadmill as well and burned some extra calories. :-D

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