Saturday, June 21, 2014


There's really nothing as disappointing as gaining weight after re committing to a healthy lifestyle.  So I'm up a pound after a great week. I did Alpha cycle week 1 without fail. I even added the treadmill and a Chizel it class. I tracked faithfully and well this is what typically happens to me. So I will stay the course and expect some weight loss by midweek. It still sucks though.

I never did my measurements so I can't even fall back on the well at least I lost some inches. Although honestly that never makes me feel better anyway only losing pounds matters to me lol just being honest.

Ah well I got up at 4am excited to weigh myself and went back to bed disappointed lol I know the routine so I got up again and started week 2 Alpha cycle.

I'm suffering from seriously sore muscles in my upper back. Ugh! The ManFriend was kind enough  to rub out a few of the knots with some Bengay. I didn't do the stretch DVD and I didn't cool down after Charles's class add a little Friday commuter stress and bam! I want to go kayaking tomorrow but if my back is still in pain I will have to do it another time!

Have a good weekemd!

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