Friday, June 20, 2014

T25 Alpha Week 1 CHECK

Well T25 Alpha cycle Week 1 is a wrap!!! A quick review... I began on Saturday

Saturday- Day 1: Focus T25 Cardio
Sunday - Day 2: Speed 1.0
Monday - Day 3: Total Body Circuit
Tuesday - Day 4: Ab Intervals
Wednesday -Day 5: Lower Focus (optional added Cardio workout I did not do)
Thursday - Day 6: Cardio (5am) Chizel it workout (5pm) (Supposed to be the Rest & Record stats day)
Friday - Day 7: Rest & Stretch DVD (will do when I get home)

My Week 1 reflection: I really like Shaun T he's a good instructor! The workouts are challenging which reminds me of my personal trainer Charles "Chizel It" Harris's style which is a great thing very inspiring and motivating. I am somewhat sore especially after the lower focus workout. I'm also doing the June Sit Up challenge so I'm getting on track with my consistency.

As advertised you can talk yourself into doing a mere 25 minute workout!

I didn't record my stats yet I will use Saturday as my official weigh in and I need a tape measure for my measurements.  I did hop on the scale today and I was down over a pound so we will see what tomorrow says!

As you see above I skipped the rest day and went to my trainer's class. It was a great workout as usual! I got a new pair of sneakers and went to work!

Food wise I did a great job tracking.  I was also more proactive about having good options at home and at work. I went to Trader Joes for a few salads, sancks, and more of the electrolyte enhanced water.

Final thoughts it's totally doable!! And actually enjoyable!

I will check in tomorrow with my progress and next week's game plan!!!

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