Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My last birthday in my 30s!!

Wow! I'm 39!! When did THAT happen?! Lol no seriously when did that happen!? Someone mentioned a joke from my 30th birthday which was in Vegas and it dawned on me wow this is my last birthday in my 30s! And I'm not mad about it! My 30th birthday I was hell bent on celebrating and planned a trip to Las Vegas with a group of friends.  We had a blast but I distinctly remember coming home and really seeing how big I was. Pictures don't lie! I did a comparison picture from my 30th (top) and my 39th (bottom) and I'm so much happier! So much healthier. So much more settled! You can see it in my eyes! Thank you God for "Feeling Fione at 39!"
Oh by the way that's the ManFriend! :-) I realized that I may not have posted any pictures of us yet. I guess because I've been on a blogging hiatus lol anyway I was pleased at the comparison and I'm excited to see what my 40th birthday picture will look like!

I am happy to report I did Day 4 and Day 5 of the T25 workout! Yes even on my birthday!  Best gift!!! I came home from a long day at work today and did Day 5 and I didn't realize this was the double workout day :-/ so far I've only done 1 of the 2. I was able to sell myself on A (singular) 25 minute workout lol but its like 90 degrees and even with the AC on it was annoying lol

My commute is still a killer so my alternative will be to workout before work which would be 4:30am so we will see. I began on Saturday so tomorrow is my rest day but I may do the cardio DVD.

So far so good I really enjoy the DVDs the workouts are good, hard and fast! They rotate the order so I'm looking forward to seeing where I will be weight wise I'm doing well food wise and tracking on My Fitness Pal! So we will see!

Anyway a few more pictures from my birthday dinner at Herb & Soul a farm to table style restaurant in Baltimore.  Food was great and everyone had a great time!
I asked people to donate to the non profit Moveable Feast because I honestly couldn't think of anything I need but the best gift I could think of is having people gift others! Moveable Feast provides healthy meals to terminally ill patients suffering with HIV/AIDS and cancer. A truly wonderful and worthy cause! The donations have been pouring in and I'm so grateful!

Well the count down to 40 & Fab starts now!!!

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