Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cinco De Drinko, Doc's Report, & 330 lbs what what?!

Cinco De Drinko ~ With the Sorors

Busy, busy week and some change! But all is well. Last week kicked off with a bang a Soror from another chapter & her Honey Do hold this event called Cinco De Drinko-in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. This was the 5th anniversary and I FINALLY went! What a wonderful time! It was held in this off the beaten path art studio loft something you'd find in New York who knew Baltimore got down like that!? Now it wasn't facy it was artsy! Great spot! Anyway I mad late on uploading the pictures lol but the one above is a group shot of the Sorors! One of the Sorors I was hanging out with made the comment that since I've lost weight I gained way more energy seemingly sapping everyone else's lol I'll take that as a compliment I guess! I was never one to be up in the night and partying like that so I guess I see her point :-) I was definitely more of a business AKA not very much of a social one if you get my drift. Anything related to the service or business of my organization I was there but parties etc I usually passed on but I now realize there is as much value in the social side as the work side!

Saw my Doc yesterday and she gave me a High -5 lol I am down 101. 5 pounds since last January. Clearly the difference was my trainer and WW I began in July. 16 months divided by 101.5 pounds is 6.3 pounds a month. It seems like such a small number but over time well you see the result. I told her my goal is another 50 pounds she said sounds good. So at this rate really 48.5 pounds to go.

330 pounds is my new number....well my personal trainer had me do leg presses and thought trying 330 pounds would be good for me! I did 310 the week before so he added some more. He claims I was holding back on him lol it was heavy as hell!!! He is a mad man! But I did it all 3 sets of 15! :-0 What what! I'm gansta!

What else....ohh yes dating...well. Mr. Law Enforcement & I went to the movies the other day and we still talk daily. He's really nice. We did a trade...a home cooked meal for cleaning my car lol well I can call it fair b/c yall don't know what my car looked like lol well he did a GREAT job! Top to bottom spic & span he even got air fresheners lol! I made some jerk chicken, yellow rice, and mixed greens he enjoyed it and even got a plate to take home! He is American so he's never tried jerk chicken but he says he liked it a lot although I saw him sweating a lil bit. I swear I didn't use much pepper lol he claims he likes hot food so I added more than I would usually add for Americans but he said it was really good.

That's all yall know I am on quota time lol

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