Thursday, May 27, 2010

Takeeeee 3

WTH?! There is clearly a glitch in the Martix and it aint good! Well skipped spinning yesterday in fact & in truth (I hate when people say that lol) traffic was bad and I was late for class anyway and I somehow parlayed that into getting a big bag of Utz White cheddar popcorn, Italian ices, and 10 wings from Outback Steakhouse! I blame my sister Jessica who was on the phone and heard me at curb side pickup and did not admonish me! Yup blaming others notttt a great start to getting back on track at all!

Well I went to Cosi with my friend Charmine (*waving hi Charmine*) but got the sandwich instead of the salad still not bad. When we were leaving I got a mango smoothie which is a better option that the 6 point strawberry lemonade but I also heard the lil devil on my shoulders telling me to get this brownie called Double Trouble! Yeah that's the name! lol As soon as I got to the counter my friend Danielle called!!! NEWMAN!!! *Seinfeld reference* I quickly confessed and got the hell outta Cosi and later I looked up the Double Trouble brownie and its 37.5 POINTS!!!!!! Now at my heaviest WW weight I only got 35 points for the day! You see why Americans are overweight?! I walked back to work and got lost... don't ask and well I guess on the up side I got some activity points. Thankfully I could only eat 5 of the wings and half for the bread oh and 2 lemon ices. Oh...

Breakfast-Nada still full from Fridays

Lunch - Cosi 12:30pm
Tomato soup-3points
Cosi Club-5 pt
Mango smoothie-4pts
15 points

10 left for the day

Stopped counting after lunch lol I am over my points...end of story. I don't see my trainer until Saturday so I am gonna ride this lil food binge wave out. Tonight is Sex & The City 2 and few of us are going to see the show downtown can't wait! Going to come in late tomorrow and stay late to avoid the traffic and then crash and get ready for Saturday morning! Going to WW and see what their scale says and get to Socarobics and do my personal training. I can be honest and say when I am working out I eat better maybe in part because I workout sooo hard and to see all that effort go to waste inspires me to stay focused. So same lesson I MUST WORKOUT!
Oh two friends joined Weight Watchers so hopefully we can have a little circle of support and we strive towards our goals. That's had mixed results in the past but honestly in the past I was usually wayyyy heavier and sometimes my success would cause the other person to "act out" or someone's success would cause me to "act out" but for the most part we are around the same weight give or take 15-20 pounds. I think the personalities are very different too, mine included, so I think it will be a good thing!

Ok well here we go! :-) PS Going to start re-reading Women, God & Food there's some good info in there and I need to work throught hats tuff!

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