Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back on my grind

Well this is my 100th post! Now that's a milestone! Looking back I can say this blog started out kinda rough lol but it evolved nicely! Thanks for all the support and love along the way!!!

Well I had a great weekend; some friends and I went to New York to see Denzel & Viola in Fences! Awesome! It was a great time because I was also able to reconnect with some long lost friends! Well face book has really helped but some of them I have not seen some of them in over 20 yearsssss! How insane is that!! I had a blast! Anyway I am back home and back on my grind. The food situation while I was away was not good! I keep watching TLC and the Travel channel and all these food destination places so I had to check one out and well it went downhill from there!

As I have said before I tend to be a very black or white person. I am either on or I am off I am good or I am bad, I really don't do shades of grey. I am learning not to be so rigid...but damn it if that doesn't work for me. lol When I go off I go wayyy off the reservation and I have to get back on my game this week.

I am back home though and starting fresh today. Going back to basics...here's the plan:
Tuesday- Cardio & Chizel It class
Weds- Spinning class
Thursday-Sex & The City 2 :-)
Saturday- Personal Training
Sunday- TBA

That's a good 4 hours of working out this week and I am back to watching my points (in advance) vs. calculating the aftermath. lol Its funny how quickly the pounds can come back on. It feels like it takes no time but when I go back and look at the points/calories I see exactly where the problem is. So moving forward...before my jeans get too tight :-)

I went on a date to go see Just Wright with Queen Latifa & Common its a cute date movie. My new friend and I are doing nicely. He has a few days off next week so we'll finally get in a workout date in. He ain't ready for Charles but Imma take him anyhow *evil laughter* We go to the same (other gym) so I will mix it up I guess. We have a similar goal so I think it will be good for me to have that support.

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