Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back on my grind...Take 2

Well what had happened wassssssss... I know exactly what happened! Stress... well fake stress...someone pissed me off and I got frustrated and annoyed and rather than calling that person to let them know they pissed me off (or change something minor) I let is bubble inside and so I called my old eating buddy/friend and went to Fridays for dinner skipping the gym all together! *exhale* To be honest it wasn't anything really to get upset about but it annoyed me because I knew they were trying to irk me... Anyyyhoooowww the damage is done...I still feel it really just sitting in my stomach..ugghhh not good. Do I need a full confession? Well I had some spinach dip & chips, pot stickers, Jack Daniels Ribs & Shrimp (a few fries), and half a vanilla bean cheesecake oh and a mango mah tai and a 1/2 a strawberry lemonade! I know rightttttt!!!??? Not even trying to calculate the points!

Today is the day I get back on track so I went to the grocery store and stocked up on some Clean Eating type things. Got some frozen veggies they have 2 servings and some spicy black bean morning star burgers. Also got some turkey bacon, egg whites, low calorie/carb wheat bread, and cheddar cheese. I brought everything to work with me because I was sooo un prepared yesterday for that to be the big come back!

But I forgot I had plans for lunch today! So I just took a few minutes to check out the Cosi menu so I can make a better choice today least we fall back into the 6 point raspberry lemonade trap! Let me tell you something this is a prime example of the saying "knowledge is power!"
I spent a few minutes online on the Cosi menu and found out salad is the devil! A Bombay chicken salad is 481 calories/ 32 grams of fat/ 4 fiber/25 protein = THAT'S 11 FREAKING POINTS FOR A DAMN SALAD! Now they have *a lighter side menu* Kudos to Cosi ~ that has a lite version of the same salad that is only
188 calories/8 grams of fat/2 fiber/9 carbs/3 protein= 4 points!!!!
Salad dressing is the devil I guess! Tomato & Basil Soup is 112/8fat/2fiber/9 carbs/3 protein= 3 points
Ok so I will start doing a food journal I think that may help me stay on track! Tonight spinning with my fave teacher!

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