Friday, May 7, 2010

Mic check!

Getting my run on!

Well I'll be! So now the job *looking around* done caught me on my blog so now I have a message that says I can view it on "quota time" I get 90 minutes....Now is that a day? A year? A week? It didn't say & I guess I shouldn't push the issue lol

Quick updates! I am down about 4 pounds from the 6 I gained so 2 more to get off by next Wednesday. I really want that 100 on HER (the Doc's) scale! I like her scale it is fancy and prints out your body fat % etc. Anyway I had a week from well..from my normal crazy life! lol I was elected Secretary of my Junior League and the transitional meeting was Tuesday...Wow! This will be an interesting year! I am looking forward to learning and growing in The League but this will mean 2 Tuesdays in every month between now and next May are spoken for! And some months 3 out of the 4 will be spoken for. Ouch! I still have my AKA duties and that's right I have a life and passport and will travel! Well what can I say. I will just learn how to balance as best as I can. I joined the company volleyball league so that will help me to burnsome calories during the week and have some fun!

I am drinking chicken broth..yep...I have a good Soror friend's 50th Birthday party tonight and I plan to eat & drink everything in sight. Ok not the best course of action but 26 points doesn't go far. I am hungry :-( but my dress is KILLAAAAAAAAA!!! Pics coming soon! Really Weight Watcher vets how can you live on less then 30 points a day?!

What else... oh so the dating scene I am still talking with this last guy Law Enforcement guy he's cool. We've gone out a few times, speak a few times a day and I like him so we'll see. I like that he respects my crazy schedule. He's really laid back and for a woman like me that would work very, very well... He asked for a workout date this week! LOL I was like okkkkkkaaaayyyyyy! Nice! He told me he lost about 80 pounds and gained some back so he wants to lose 50 more...just like me! So we will do something this weekend since we go to the same gym.

I have a crazy month or so coming up this weekend Friday- Party, Saturday-AKA, JL, Cinco De Drinko party, Sunday-Gym, Monday-Trainer & JL, Tuesday-A Hearing, Bar Assoc. thingie, Weds-Dr. appt lots of errands, Thursday-2 appoints same time lawd what to do, Friday-Date Night I promised him an evening just for him, Sat-A Health Fair my Sorority is sponsoring , Sunday-Gym, Monday-Trainer, Appointment & AKA Night in City Hall, Tuesday- Junior League Annual Dinner, Weds...well you get the picture!
Well it'll work itself out that's for sure! No turning back now!
Well Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, Grandmoms, Greatgrands, & my fellow God-Mommies! :-)

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