Saturday, May 8, 2010

Make It Work!

Niffy 50 Party!!

Well I had a busy day! What's new right? Well last night I celebrated with a good soror friend for her 50th Birthday! What a great night! I was out until midnight though but I went to Weight Watchers but didn't get to weigh in because had a committee meeting before my sorority meeting so I went in for "The Word" and bounced. The topic was eating out and the buzz words to keep in mind when ordering poached, scampi, au gratin, etc. We all know baked & fried but some of the others may cause our calories to get away from us.

Chapter meeting ran late but we got a lot done. I am happy about a service project I proposed that the chapter overwhelmingly agreed to support. We also have the Health fair I mentioned coming up next Saturday. So busy, busy!

I went straight to the gym and got down to business! Charles was waiting apparently with much anticipation lol it was a good workout and a good example of how I need to be flexible. Usually I workout in the mornings but I was able to take care of my AKA business and still workout! And I have time to play later! Win/Win/Win!

I did weigh in at home and I am back to by goal weight! Praise Him! Its a good thing that my body is obedient!

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