Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back in the Groove

Natalie (Socarobics), Me :-), & Karen (Zumba!)

*Humph* I asked Natalie not to be showing off her abs like that lol

Well I feel good and by good I mean beat downnnn! I went to Chizel It at 9:30am did the elliptical (I affectionately refer to her as Lippy) and then took Socarobics (60 minutes) then to my surprise Charles added Zumba afterwards! I was happy to see that! Both classes were great! Talk about a workout! Well I mentioned in the past that the Zumba teacher called me out to SMILE one day in class a while back so today she called me up front to dance with her in front of class!! I went and had fun! After class I told her she looked great and lo & behold she lost 25 pounds doing Weight Watchers! I told her I was a WW girl too and between Chizel It & WW I am down over 80 pounds since last summer! She said Oh I knew you looked familiar you look good too! She said she remembered my bandanna :-) lol

Anyway I told her & my socarobics teacher that I really enjoy both their classes because I am such a Type A this is the one place I can mess up and be ok about it lol The Zumba teach said she was glad to hear it because the look on my face was so serious she figured she'd take a shot and call me up lol I told her that's just my personality I like to do things JUST SO but I know I am no dancer but I love the class and the freedom from feeling like I need to be so perfect! She was happy to hear it! lol That a lesson on perceptions! She was thinking I wasnt enjoying myself meanwhile I am just trying to focus :-) *note to self smiling disarms people...

After those classes I had Personal Training with Charles. WHEW Great workout! I even had to ask him to increase some of the weights lol

Needless to say I was starving after 3.5 hours of working out so I went to one of my fave spots The Flying Avocado! They have great fresh food its always a treat to go and it had been a minute!

This is the spot!

Macadamia nut Chicken wrap my Personal Trainer suggested it. De-Lish!!! My combo lunch.

This is my usual dish so I had to get it as well! This is the Big Berry Chicken Salad! Its mixed greens, mandarin oranges, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and walnuts and feta cheese! Goodness its great!

Grilled chicken macadamia wrap alone
Its a huge serving and to be honest I had only 1/2 of each because my best guess is the whole serving would be 28 points. Nuts are high in calories and fat even though its health fat. Since I am back up *ahem* to 27 points I could have had it all and been fine since I earned activity points (exercised) so I have some cushion today. I may have a little more for dinner although to be honest I am not hungry. Its very filling and had it around 2:30pm but to make sure my body isn't freaking out about "starving" I may have a little more.
I was talking to my friend about this b/c I regained in the double digits in like 3 weeks. :-( The body is like that though. I haven't been this weight since I left New York over 15 years ago my body doesn't know whats going on. Needless to say it is holding onto everything. This is why maintaining is harder than losing. I think the difference is I am stopping this run away train sooner than I normally would. In the past I would go on like this for months and regain (at one time I lost 45.6 pounds) and regained all of it plus some. It took over 6 months to lose it and a few months (like 2) over the summer to gain it back! How frustrating. So putting the breaks on now. I have some upcoming events and travel but I am focused. I am giving myself 1 year to lose the additionally 50 pounds and there is no sense in backtracking at this point!
Well that was my Sat-day! I enjoyed a hot shower with some Bliss Shower gel & a Law & Order marathon! Nothing better!
Tomorrow I am going to my old gym to do Body Combat and Body Flow looking forward to that haven't been in a minute!
Then I have a baby's 1st Birthday party & a cook-out. That's something I noticed I didn't get any cook out invitations lol actually the one I am going to my friend was just talking about it and I asked why I wasn't invited! I am so not the food Nazi but maybe she was thinking I wouldn't want to be around all that food. Her Mom is the bommmmbbbb cook but I gots to live my life...just be mindful not to over do it!


  1. Girl, I so hear you about the weight gain, man oh man! But atleast you are realizing your triggers and beginning to ward them off by noticing them before hand. ANd 3.5 hours of working out! I can actually taste the Vomit coming in my Girl you are a champ! when it is 45 minutes I'm looking to get my stretch and my massage on.... You are a true champ.... I got something for ya my next blog wait and see.. Good job Cuzin

  2. lolololol its not so bad once you find classes you like the time flies by honest!! lol Thanks Cuzzo!