Friday, May 28, 2010


WELLLLL last night was THE night! Sex & The City II premiered! Yeahhhhh it was good! I liked the first one better though but they are too fabulous not to like! I liked the updates... No gym because all gym and no play make Cylia a grumpy girl so as planned I am back to the gym Saturday for socarobics & then an hour with my personal trainer! I was able to do wayyy better yesterday point wise and I am happy about that. Anyhoo a few pics below from the fun last night! One thing I am learning for sure is that this journey is about more than just working out, losing weight, or what I eat or don't eat; its also about just living a fuller life! Certainly enjoying a Charlotte Flirtini with a great group of women on & off screen qualifies! Don't you think!? :-)

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