Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Good Night

Last night was the Junior League of Baltimore's Annual Dinner. What a great night! It is a great time to sit back and reflect on everything that has happened that year and it is also a time to look ahead at new and exciting things yet to come! It was an extra special night for me for me because I was awarded the Annapolis Bowl Award! It is given only once in a lifetime to a Junior League member for outstanding community service above & beyond the member's League involvement. It is a great honor! Some of the community service I've done outside of the Junior League included the "Stories From My Father" project at Jessup Correctional Institute where we help inmate record bedtime stories for their children, serving as a mentor for law schools and recent law graduates, and of course the community service efforts with my sorority like the Adopted Family Project, tutoring, speaking on topic of domestic violence, and working on the recent children's health fair, etc. All good things. I am really looking forward to this year in the League as a Board member and finding that balance to keep my workouts on point.

Healthy F.I.T.T. Fair Nya, Me, & Charles

Speaking of that. Monday I skipped a sorority event. I really wanted to go but I am learning how to stop before my battery is completely run down and my tank is on "E." Notice the machine metaphors *smh* I am human after all and that constant rah-rah is not good. I am sure the Earth still spins on its axis while I sleep, is my new mantra so its all good if I cannot go to everything. Although the downside I find to downtime is I watch a lot of tv and I am always on the Travel Channel or the Food Network. Did yall know DC has a BBQ Festival? Well see now I know and I am going to it! lol ok let me not blame downtime but how much Law & Order can a lawyer really watch?! Speaking of watching....

Weight Watchers...well... what had happened was.... I haven't been! I know! But I been busy! I am still weighing in everyday (at home) btw I keep my digital WW scale in my kitchen. A/w I had a stomach virus or something and it helped me drop like 6 pounds but needless to say I went back up 5 as soon as I was feeling better so I know this is a critical point. With all that said. Cosi is the devil. Ok Cosi isn't the devil but the sweet juicy raspberry lemonade is the devil. Ok so Monday I go to Cosi for lunch-the lite 1/2 Cosi Club, Tomato basil soup (small), chips (small) & that darn lemonade.... Total points 17 freaking points...17....I get 25... did you hear me say that was lunch? Ok. Nuff said! So here's the plan for the week

Today- Spinning (60 minutes)

Thursday-AKA Event

Friday-Off work so Gym -6am Body Pump & 8:30 Spinning I am staying at the gym for some other cardio before I head out.

Saturday lots of walking & Sunday back home

Monday back on track with Charles!


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