Thursday, May 20, 2010


So I am checking in for accountability purposes. I made it to my oldddd spin class yesterday as planned! Gold Star for Cylia! I love that class she plays the best music! Last night was a mix of the new Mary J (With Each Tear is my jam!!), some old school Janet Jackson, some Shaggy and lawd she even threw some Prince in the mix!!!! It was a great class!!! It reminds me I plan to get certified to be a spin instructor I need to pick a date and go for it.

Needless to say I need to focus on my Tri :-) I will soon enough! lol Dont forget your $10.00 donation!!!

I went for a massage afterwards I was over do. Massage Envy is the best deal going its perfect, nothing fancy like Red Door but very nice and it gets the job done! A good night! The scale is up. I been eating White Cheddar popcorn like its going out of style. So part may me salt but I know a good part is calories. I will check in on Friday's workout plan!

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