Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All in the family!

Well I got a great article about my Uncle Henry I wanted to share ~~~> Jamaican scientist makes prostate cancer breakthrough!

I know when I began my journey in 2009 my health was my primary focus. I am not going to lie I did want to look and feel better but I had Aunts that have passed away from breast cancer, a grandmother who died of complications from diabetes after having her foot amputated, my Father and another Uncle were treated for prostate cancer and well that's a little scary. While I love buying new clothing and showing off a new body in the end what does that matter if I do not have my health? I will gladly live to 100 years old if I can be like my grandmother who at 95+ (although she still claims 88 years old lol) and she still goes to look for "her old people" at the hospitals (most of whom are in their 70s mind you), does fundraisers for her church, and still runs a little side store business. *smh* People wonder how I do all the things I do and I always say ALL the women in my family (both sides) are just like me. Funny... had my blood work done last year and I do have higher than normal levels of B 12 so it is seriously in my blood lol

But my point is we are all born with certain predispositions and I know cancer and diabetes are two health issues I need to be mindful of. As was high blood pressure. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 28 years old and I was devastated! I was in my 20s although I chalked it up to stress at my job but really my weight did not help at all. My Mother was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 28 when she got pregnant with me. She said it went up and never came back down. I did not relish the thought of take pills until I was well in my 60s. So my Doctor said join Weight Watchers and exercise at that point I lost about 45 pounds and did well to keep it off for a while and I was able to reduce my medication. Even though the scale kept yo-yoing over the years the exercise helped to keep me on the lowest water pill dose necessary and then last year when I lost about 60 pounds I was able to stop taking medication all together! That's a huge victory. 

I often hear people say they look better and feel better in their 40s then they felt or looked in there 20s and I am well on my way. In fact I found pictures from my 30th birthday in Vegas and in compassion to my 35th I look like two totally different people. Its amazing.  I would post but in order to protect the innocent and guilty I promised to never show those pictures lol maybe I'll do some cropping lol

Anyhoo no exercise for me yeaterday. Everything abs, my legs, my arms...everything so I took a pass yesterday. Unforuntely I took a pass on proper eating last night too however I know that was for emotional reasons and I accept that and will work on that. I am still within my weekly points because I execised so much already so I am still hoping for a good lost on Saturday. My lesson this leg of the journey is failure isnt fatal. I can skip a day and get right back on. I am already 16 oz in on my water and eating a healthy breakfast. In fact I wanted to share!

I found some snacks I wanted to share since the food post always get good feedback!

Having this now for breakfast its 110 calories 1 fat 23 carbs 2 fiber 3 protien = 3 WW points

Had this yesterday for a mid morning snack this was a little higher it was 4 points extra carbs with the pretzels I guess

Got them at Safeway 2 for $3.00 I'll get them again good to snack on while at work.

Last thing was this before and after picture of Monique! I mean DAYMMMMNNNN! I love it! Moving forward with Spinning tonight!


  1. I saw the article about your uncle in the online Gleaner and one of my friends sent to me as well. So your uncle is getting a lot of exposure!

    I have to check out these ready snax. I've never seen these before... they look tasty.

    MoNique is hotter than hot! I would love to know what size she is now?

    Keep blogging and I'll keep reading!

  2. Hey Nae thank you!! Yeah he is its been a longgggg time coming he's been a busy retired person is all I know! lol He was President & CEO of Blue Cross, Blue Shields of Jamaica and I thought he was busy then lol but it sa great thing a great thing! We are all very proud of him!

    Yes I got them from Safeway and they are good plus they are fresh they only last a few days so its a handy snack!

    Girllll Mo better WURK IT! I have no idea she looks about a 9/10 in that pic with some spanx lol