Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wasted Time

I had an interesting discussion with a soror of mine about two lingering issues that involved a fear of failure I need to overcome in the new year. One was weight loss and the other dealt with relationships.

I talked about achieving my weight loss goal and then regaining some of the weight. Then the way my last relationship ended after I made a conscious decision to go into that more open and honest than I normally do and I feel like both back fired big time.

Regaining the 25 pounds (or so) really bothered and still bothers me and I feel like I wasted the last 4 or 5 months because I am still losing and regaining the same 15 or so pounds and if I kept on top of my game I would be at my goal by now! Wasted time...

The relationship matter well that was 6 months out of my life I will never get back. I could have been with someone else developing an open and honest relationship or I could have been alone (but not lonely) and working on myself and being open to meeting someone else. Again... Wasted Time.

Her take on it was anything moving you towards a goal (being healthier or being ready for the right person) is not failure... its progress.

This post came to mind while reading the Black Women Do Workout Board where the members were asked how they felt today (the day after Christmas and all the food etc.) Most said they did well. I mean some of those women are superstars and go hard all year long. But most said we did well. We may have had more food than usual or food we do not normally eat but we felt fine because we did not over do it. Others said they wished they did well. I felt bad for them because I know that morning after guilt. I posted back saying to forgive yourself, make a plan, and move on. 

So ironic I handle others with kiddie gloves but I go hard core on myself I see. So taking my own advice in both cases I am going to forgive myself, make a plan, and move on.

2011 is almost here. I woke up and cleaned out my bedroom & bathroom closet, organized it from top to bottom, and threw out a ton of old health and beauty aid products. My Mom was kind enough to start cleaning out my home office which has morphed into some kind of "Clean House" candidate. My goal is to get my "house" in order before December 31st.

Always LOVED this ad! YES I WILL!

So my "house" includes my home, my mind, my spirit, and attitude! 2010 had some great moments and a lot of it had to to with my outlook and the great expectations I put out there! So its time to get that mindset back. I had a great Christmas eve workout with Charles who got me a great gift; a 2011 desktop calendar with daily Success Quotes! Perfect right? I had a great Christmas got some new workout clothing, money, smell good stuff, jewelry, and a good time! I hope you all did too! I am just counting down to 2011! So every year I pick a theme for that new year they are either funny, candid, humorous, but always real. 2011's theme is:

2011 My Best Life Ever!