Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Constitution only guarantees the American people the
right to pursue happiness. 
You have to catch it yourself. 
Benjamin Franklin
Good Ole Ben! :-) As the year is coming to a close I was reflecting on 2010 and I must say 2010 was a great year. I am happy and striving to or rather pursing happiness as the year comes to a close and as the new year is fast approaching! A new year with new hopes, dreams, and possibilities! I am being hit from all sides on the concept of happiness. I wanted to share some of the links Glamour Magazine posted 50 Things to In An Instant Good Mood! The first thing? EXERCISE! Coolness! Don't Be a Martyr! 10 Steps to Letting Go. 10 Ways to Find Happiness. Take Action! 10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness. Why Choice Is the Way to Happiness.

Good stuff!

There were some high highs and then there were some low lows but I will "count it all joy." I been saying for months I need to work (or rework) my vision board. Hummm well let me define a Vision Board its a visual depiction of things you want or want to happen or achieve. Here's a great article from Oprah (of course!) What the Heck is a Vision Board

I love Vision Boards! I can say my 2009 Boards brought a lot of things to reality like losing 100 pounds, doing my triathlon, staying focused on my workouts and personal training sessions.

I am an advocate for the book The Soulmate Secret and I did create a vision board or treasure map. But after breaking up with The Mister I ripped that joint to shreds lol very therapeutic. It really isn't for public consumption anyway but he saw it so I need his bad chi off my path to my soulmate! I haven't been motivated to re-do it just yet but I'll work on it in 2011. I need to work on my list and see where old, new guy fits.... Anyhoo we have plans this week and I am excited :-)


My goals for 2011 that I shared on another facebook group are
1. Losing 50 pounds
2. Becoming a certified spinning instructor
3. Getting certified to teach a Les Mills program
4. Get into Yoga (especially Hot Yoga)
5. Stay on my workouts & training sessions.

I will break that all down in another post but I have discussed the need for SMART goals so I'll work through that process with you all and see what shakes out in 2011!!

Ok a word to the wise I was a "victim" of a random act of kindness the supervisor for the other side of my department! He is an early riser like I am and invited those early birds of us to go to Starbucks on him! How nice is that? I don't drink coffee (I always say drinking coffee and smoking were the only two bad habits I didn't pick up in law school lol) but he said coffee, tea, or water I jumped in and asked "OR HOT CHOCOLATE!?" Like a big kid! He said sure so we took a little field trip and I saw something de-lish and different! Now I am very much a creature of Type A personality habit (lol) BUT I saw this Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate! Now doesn't that SOUND GOOD?! WELL IT WAS!!! YUMMMM! Well the on going lesson of Weight Watcher "Education is power" goes right here! I looked it up AFTER I slurped it down and it was a whopping 13 points (I thought it was 15 but that was based on someone else's nutritional info but I went onto the Starbucks site afterwards! I'll take that minue 2 points!)

Lawd I only get 33 points a day but I didn't have breakfast and well I just had some popcorn so that's my lunch especially since I saw how the lady makes it! A whole half slab of butter! No wonder its so good! We always joke that its like crack well butter is...well crack like! lol 

I can say the popcorn wasn't all that great for some reason (why does that happen?!) so that was my fond farewell to the popcorn lady. I'll go stock up on some 100 calorie packs! While food shouldn't make you happy...I will say his act of kindness and the hot chocolate did bring a smile to my face. I am a simple girl :-)

Anyhow Bodycombat calls tonight!

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  1. I love reading your blog. Very motivating!

    I commend you on becoming a certified spin instructor. I have yet to try spinning but I see that is it very addictive!