Thursday, December 16, 2010

“I’m just having desserts & liquor"

“I’m just having desserts & liquor" ~ declares Laura Linney at dinner on  Showtime’s newest hit “The Big C” seems all too appropriate for last night's adventures.

Most of you know I don't go out on a school night as a rule because I am an early riser, no matter what. My internal clock wakes me up by 5am regardless of when I go to sleep. Seriously. If I close my eyes at 3am I am up like a rooster at 5am. My body rejects sleeping in no matter how hard I try. Well last night a good Soror friend of mine invited me to a political event and I went to go support.

First of all the house was amazing. I mean not only huge  (read indoor pool) but beautiful also decorated beautifully! It was nice! Real money... Not Oprah money but some real money, like they hired valets *blank stare*

Anyway the event was great and the catering was great too. The company Class Act I have had the pleasure of having before and last night they did not disappoint! I went with the intention of having a glass of wine and staying about 1 hour. Well I had two glasses and didn't get home until after 11pm!

The food came... mini crab cakes, Bruschetta, mushroom some kinda flaky goodness (yes I made that up!), and Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce, and the best the grilled jerk shrimp! To die for!!! In the interest of full disclosure...I had 3-4 jumbo grilled shrimp, 4 mini crab cakes, 2 chicken satay, and 2 of the mushroom goodness and 2 glasses of wine... I am guessing about a days worth of points! Not good considering I only had 15 left! I did well yesterday before going out too! I had Chobani yogurt, almonds, Talipia stuffed with crab, and a veggie medley! Now that doesn't sound like a lot but it was 18 points leaving me with only 15. At my best guess the evening was 16 points in just liquor... ohh yeah see what had happened was.... 

Crab cake!! Yummmm!

Thennnn after the event I got talked into going to Bonefish for dessert (and more) liquor! A former co-worker/supervisor came and it was her birthday and I haven't seen her in a while and wanted to catch up! I got the flourless brownie with ice cream & 2 appletinis! To my credit I only ordered one the waiter brought a second round of drinks without asking?! Who does that?! Anywayyy The other person with us goes to my trainer too and I told her we have to tell Charles we split this dessert! The devil is pictured below*smh*

On a positive note I did do Body Combat earlier that day! In fact I am still pretty sore! The teacher talked a little too much for me but it was a good workout! I must say I was admiring mysef in the mirror. I found an old card for my digital camera and it had the pictures from my trip to Alaska on there and DANG I thought I looked a lot smaller by that trip! I had lost almost 40-45 pounds but my face was still sooooo puffy and I was shocked. Your mind's eye can fool you is all I can say! 
Alaska Summer 09
Dec 2010
Alaska Summer 09
Dec 2010

I aint even looking up the points in that damn browine! Aint gonna do it! I will just assume I used my extra 49 points already and tomorrow I have a gala and well I will need to be more deliberate in my choices. That's really all I can say. I can't beat myself up about falling so far off the wagon and I am sure the scale will tell the tale. But to be fair to myself I did some good and not so good. I bad evening doesn't ruin almost a week of doing well. But of course consistency is the key. I am hoping for at least 3 pounds this week per my middle of the week weigh ins I am looking good for that so fingers crossed and here's to staying in control Friday evening. Old, new guy may come and that might keep me on track lol things are still going well. More good conversations and revelations. I began reading this book the 5 Love Languages. Its a good book on how different people communicate their feelings and I am learning a lot.  But we'll see we need to spend time together and go from there. But so far I am enjoying the ride :-) even though I am all about knowing the end of a story but I am really trying the nothing ventured nothing gained approached and thinking good thoughts.

Annnnyyyy wayyyy I did do some good food shopping yesterday and I will do another entry about some of my new finds!

Today is the office holiday party! I swear this season is dangerous!!! I found these good articles on Holiday parties at work and good strategies to stay on track! Click the titles below for the  Eat Smart at Office Parties - Good advice! &  10 Tips to Deal with Holiday Weight GainAdvice 1-Take a Lowered Fat/Calorie Dessert or Dish to the Party. I liked this idea and did it this year. I brought rotisserie chicken so at least I knew there would be a good healthy lean protein option to go for!

Hope they help!

Please check in with me on how it works out for ya!


  1. I have a friend who suggested I read the Five love languages, and I am going to order it today. I need a good read! Girl, this time of year is hard for all of us. I had those chocolate Ghiradell (spelling) yesterday and 3 those are 200 calories. Man, those were the best 200 calories. I dislike the winter and holiday time because it prompt us to eat more. I love the gym even more in the winter. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Ohhh Ghiradell!!! They have been my guilty pleasure they sell them down stairs so I usually get 2! LOL Yes this is when the gym needs to become my bff for sure! Thanks girlie!

  3. PS let me know what you think about the book. I am so...Type A and I think things should ONLY be one way and when that doesn't happen I am mad. Like I am mad now but the book is helping me to realize just b/c someone doesn't do things the way I would do them doesn't mean they care any less for me. That's still hard but I guess as I go on in the book it will tlak about how to reach a middle ground lol I hope lol