Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wii Wii Wii!

I found an alternative form of exercise this weekend in the form of Wii! My sister bought a Wii & Wii Fit program some years ago and it is really fun! This weekend we bought the Just Dance 2 and what a workout lol plus it was pure comedy! After a few minutes of Proud Mary I was sweating something fierce! Its great! My fave was OutKast! lol Christmas the battle is on! A Soror mentioned they have a Michael Jackson version! Sweeettttt!  

Sunday was Mom's birthday and we took her to a champagne brunch. I tried to plan as best as I could and I did ok. I only had 2 mimosas now that I know they are 4 points each; I took my time. I stuck to seafood like crab legs and steamed shrimp. I had a few pieces of bacon and just tasted the other things andddd I was okay until the dessert! They had this bread pudding that was TO DIE FOR! I won't even tell you how many servings I had! Whew! Well what the heck is a serving of bread pudding anyhow?! 

I bought a cake from Sugarbakers   a very well known and liked cake spot in Baltimore! That was de-lish! Good thing it was small I swear I could have ate the whole thing! That's it below! Ain't it cute!

Monday I made it back to the gym for personal training with my Mom who is visiting for a while. She has a personal trainer back home that she was inspired to get one after I had such great results with Charles! So she got the real deal lol it was a hard workout that ended with 100 crunches! She was excited to see she could actually do 100 crunches lol I was too! She's lost about 20 pounds over the last year and looks great! She was always a gym rat I remember her taking me to Suzy Marlow (LOL Nu Yorka/ Bronxites may know!) an all women's gym when I was a kid and she ot me my lifetime Bally's membership back in the day too! So she's been on a workout kick even before it was trendy I guess! A/w the session just reminded me that I like my one on one time. I am spoiled! I paid for 7 more sessions and I will get the 24 sessions in a few weeks to carry me through to the spring.

The weekend flew by andddd just like that its Tuesday and I am counting down to the weekend again! I don't have big plans for the Holiday just going to enjoy some down time and the family wants to do dinner at home. I would have been happy with reservations! But oh well! Old, new guy and I may get together I had the best intentions this weekend but shoot I be tired at night (yes I said I BE tired) and with out schedules being so different well it just hasn't happened. Its like the best of both worlds a relationship but still plenty of time to myself (lol) he calls and sends text messages and I am not breaking my neck to "fit him in" or being made to feel guilty either. He said we'll work it out and I told him if he says so but I need to stop being so negative... Something to work on for the new year I guess. He asked if I can make biscuits from scratch lol I asked him why would I need to know that and I am offended he asked when there's a perfectly good Popeye's near my house! lol Jokes for days with this guy

Weight Watchers is closed this Saturday and next Saturday! :-( but I am going to go to my WW leader's other meeting Friday and weigh in and get "The Word!" I need to see about these goals and work harder I am still striving to make a 30 minute a day commitment but with the change in the season and it getting dark so early and my eating outside my points well moving forward.

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