Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's Your Limit?

What's your limit? Its sounds like an innocent enough question! That is unless you are coming off of a sprint during a spinning class! lol

Spinning is a serious workout. You can lose a lot of weight spinning and it tones and trims your legs like no other workout. I haven't taken a spinning class is months. I went tonight in an effort to keep my 30 minute-30 days exercise challenge sexy. It was a good class, the music was so so, but I enjoyed it all the same! It was only 45 minutes and I did 15 minutes on lippy before and I saw one of my favorite Body Combat teachers was teaching so I did the last 15 minutes of combat and abs! I will switch Body Combat & Spinning up every other week to keep my body guessing!

The spinning teacher's question really struck me. She asked "What is YOUR limit?" I wondered to myself as I continued to add resistance to the ride and.... my legs started to feel like they were spinning through mud.... and I was breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth and....I was sweating from what felt like every pore on my face... My limit... I need to review my limits in general...what I am willing to do...and what I am willing to take...

Re: Spinning it is one of those classes where you really can't cheat. If your wheels are spinning out of control clearly you are not serious. Peer pressure. Gotta love it. I looked up how to become a certified spinning instructor because its been on my Vision Board for a few years now. Gonna make it happen in 2011. Thursday I am aiming for 2 classes since Friday I have a date. Yes already...Lord knows I aint staying in the house being depressed. Trying to balance here. :-) So best bet is at work I should be able to find 3 -10 minute chances to get something in for sure!

Ok night all!


  1. I really love spinning. It really burns so many calories. It also helped my legs and arms. I was surprise at the arms, but I really think it helped them. Keep up the good week. I really give you kudos for moving on with dating. I am trying to get my friend in this mode after her untimely breakup. I will definitely use you as a good example(model).

  2. Yeah spinning is no joke! To me its like Pilates it works because its HARD!! LOL I am so happy I am not sore b/c last night's ride was the first for me in many months! And yes girl tell your friend to move on!!! I mean you have to take time to reflect and mourn the loss but that in my opinion is an on going process. This person was in my life on a daily basis for over 6 months our families intermingled and well it will be hard but I won't make the same mistakes I did when other important relationships ended. More times than not the other person is not dragging their feet they are back in the mix and not skipping a beat. So I am not either. In the past I would "take a break" but for what purpose? To sit around and lament and get fat. Heck no not this time. I am getting back out there and having fun! Maybe in other people's cases they may want to reunite so that leaves them “stuck” my situation is dead as a door nail so maybe that has freed me up mentally? I dunno but remind her its just dating no one is trying to get married in 6 weeks so enjoy it. I know I will! :-)

  3. So very true! I think we all know pain first hand. I remember what I went through three years ago, although painful it brought me back to loving me. Now I am like Fantasia say in her song "doing me". Kudos, keep up the exercising that is something no one can take from you. It is mind over matter, it is tough. I look at my pictures from 2 years ago and man, I know I came a long way. I cried the other night when I came across a picture from that painful time of my life, when not only weight was holding me down, but my feelings as well. I am not trying to go back to that time. This is why I love me some me.

  4. Thanks so much! Yes I made up my mind I would get right back to "doing me" and exercise would be my priority no matter what. Looking forward to 2011 is all I can say!