Friday, December 3, 2010


WOW Can we say TGIF?!?!?! What a week! Everyone keeps saying it flew by but not for me! Not at all! Well I had a great week! I feel great like really great and grateful! Last night's gym trip didn't pan out but my faithful 30 minute crew on facebook updated and I said let me do something! Someone on the Black Women Do Workout fanpage mentioned Jullian Michaels on ON Demand so for some strange reason I said yeah let me do that! *kissing teeth*

First of all I don't even like Jillian like that on the Biggest Loser! Bob is my man! Although I have long stopped watching the show since its just too heartbreaking to see what happens to MOST of the contestants afterwards and they made it all lame and sappy everyone is abused, everyone had something tragic happen, everyone is in pain like I get that weight is a symptom of a bigger issue but why you trying to make me cry NBC? I just want them to workout and inspire me. A/w mini vent over!

Anyyyywayyy the 20 minutes was 20 minutes of hell. In fact my back muscles are sore! She explained that since it is ONLY 20 minutes we didn't need any breaks and we need to give 100% since its a shorter time. We did arms, legs, back, abs, and cardio. If I didn't do it I wouldn't believe it! It was a good workout. *kissing teeth* And she smiled the whole time so I guess she is aiight! lol

I have a busy weekend ahead...busy! Tonight kicking it off with a pretty cool date. Will talk about that tomorrow. This will be our 3rd first date (lol) we keep starting from scratch or something so we'll see. I've known him for almost 2 years and well maybe timing just hasn't been on our side. I am not looking for anything serious and asked him to take things slow but he's always ready to go from first date to old married couple. *smh* But he is hella funny, very charming, and we make each other laugh till the wee hours of the morning...its been fun :-) and I like that!  

Saturday I am hitting the gym hard for personal training & socarobics. Then off to see my linesister who is in the hospital. On Sunday there's church then I planned a brunch with my Sorors in celebration of Love Your Sister Day. Looking forward to fellow shipping  and being around good people and having a good time oh and good food! Speaking of which Weight Watchers tomorrow morning *gulp* my weigh in! I had Chinese today lots of sodium so I wont beat myself up plus well TMI but I expect a good drop next Saturday.

I'm off! Later peoples!


  1. Great read!! Good luck on your weigh in. I'm doing WW online.

  2. Heyyy Nae!! Thanksss!! Girl its been years facebook is crazy :-) I feel like I do WW on line I been MIA I love the meetings so much info and sharing!