Friday, December 17, 2010


TGIF!!! Yesterday. What a day, what a day! I had to leave work early (and FYI I did well at the office party I really wasn't hungry and there were fruits and veggies and I had a brownie and a bite of a piece of a weird looking chocolate peanut brittle cake!) Well I left at 2pm and I did not make it to my door step until 7 O CLOCK!!!! THAT'S RIGHT 5 FREAKING HOURS!!!! MADNESS!!!

It barely snowed but it was crazy and the traffic was never ending. *smh* I got home and literally got into my pjs and went in the bed! On the way home a soror friend and fellow attorney called me about an episode of Oprah that I listened to over the phone (lol Thanks Soror Jacquie!) and when I got home and after I had my Regional Committee conference call the replay came on. Basically this woman married a gay man who gave her HIV. Needless to say he was on the down low and she had no idea. This is an epidemic! I heard her story before but never had all the details well good for her for standing up for herself and suing him. Lord knows I would have filed criminal charges as well. I had a case one time like this. The charge was intentional transmission of HIV some jurisdictions consider it assault. Heartbreaking. He lived a double life and she got caught up in his confusion and carelessness.

Since I blog about health it made me think about the importance we each have to our own health and well being.  People can tell you anything only you can love and trust yourself enough to be vigilant about your health. This man didn't even love himself based on his behavior so why would he care and love her or care about her safety and well being? So tragic but she certianly has had a test that birthed a testimony. She also has a new man and is having a baby I have my own opinion about that but it was her choice to make. Anyway links to the show below!

Oooooooooooooooooook *exhaling* well I am doing another post about food since those seem to be popular! I went to do some shopping this week to help with this conversion to Points Plus. I only lost 1 pound last week and "it wasn't not funny" (MTV Real World fans know what I mean) but as I revealed I was not doing my due diligence I had all sorts of things and had it not been for me working out I would have gained I bet! So this week I worked on tighten that up.

I went to the produce market and got some bananas, blackberries, mixed green salad, and pink lady apples (my favorite!)

I hit up the Giant and got the follow items:

My staple Chobani Greek yogurt! They have new flavors pineapple & pomergrante! I have not had them yet but I will check in and let you know! They were on sale 4 for $5.00. In the new WW points system it is 3 points and that is great! I shared with my WW group that the Activa is 4 points and is half the size and half as filling so I ams ticking with Chobani!

I loveeeeeeeeeeee Laughing Cow! As you can see its only 35 calories and they are great! I use them instead of slices of cheese or cream cheese even on sandwiches and burgers!

These are new to me and good for the winter time! Most were 2 points per serving and very tasty! It was a quick 5 minutes in the microwave and it was good to go!
I picked up a few Lean Cuisines for emergencies. My system doesn't work well with the sodium in frozen meals but I only have time from time to time!

 A/w BIG SHOCKER here with the points most were 6 or 7 points max now...
Classic lasagna- 9 points 
Lemon pepper fish-8 points
Parm crusted fish -8 points
Glazed turkey-6 points

Needless to say these are too high considering what they provide but I guess thats the point of Points Plus its almost like a South Beach approach. Here are some articles & blogs about the new program of course can be your first stop. :-)

I will check in on my weigh in!


  1. Okay, I am still wondering about the unprotect sex to have this baby. I seen that episode some months ago, and I am still shaking my head! Woman, please be careful with these down low men. It is a darn shame.

  2. Yeahhhh I know he may love her but dang... And I feel some kinda way about her having a baby even if it is only a 1% chance of the baby having HIV I dont think I could live with myself if the baby came out positive. This down low mess is an epidemic!!! I have no issues with gay men but a gay man pretending to be straight and getting in realtionships with women? Getting married to a woman? Having children? Making promises? Living a lie with an innocent victim? It makes me sick. Its just not fair and this isnt a HIV thing its a honesty thing and integrity thing. If some woman tells you they want an honest, caring, loving man and you are gay and/or have sex with men then walk away don't try to be straight for a cover or a "cure" its just not fair. I was listening to the JL King guy and I bet it is hard for a Black man in particular to come to grips with being gay but for the love of God don't bring an innocent victim into YOUR mess! Don't try to use a good woman to "make" you straight! A woman can't do that. If you are gay you are gay and just work that out by your damn self!!! Be gay or stay alone if you can't deal with who you are or what your family will think or your co-workers or friends *Exhaling* A/w you should have seen the women on who found their men/husbands were gay and kept them and found a way to work it out. What the heck is that? But to each his and her own...but dang that is some low self esteem and neediness right there! He don't want you he wants a man! How can you share like that? Lawd... done with this topic lol