Friday, December 10, 2010

The Weight Watcher gods must be watching....

Man if it didn't happen to me I wouldn't have believed it! Well I am still at work because I have a Links, Inc. event this evening after work that a Soror who is a member invited me to. So I drove in and had my protein shake and a co-worker and I went to lunch and got a whopping surprise! We both wanted chicken salad well at the Agency next door they have a fancy new cafeteria and well they are going green and going healthy! Well these folks gave out the nutritional information on their sandwiches! Well why'd they do that? I was happy to guess lol anyway we had lunch I opted for chicken salad on white bread I was just in that kinda mood and I still need to clock in the points. My co-worker was kind enough to point out that chicken salad was the highest in calories and fat on the menu! S-thanks!

Ok here's the kicker as always I am feeling like a sweet snack around 3pm. I have a plum but that isn't what I want and the snack shop that sells the mini chocolates I usually buy which are like 2 points for the small pack of M&Ms or 2 points for the mini twix is closed. I buy them because it fixing the fix I need! Well we have vending machines and I opt to go there and bum some money off a co-worker.

Well apparently the Weight Watcher gods were watching and they were not amused! LOL The first problem was my quarter didn't work! I mean do people make fake quarters?! Well my co-worker came with so she bailed me out with a different coin and I saw what I wanted humm hummm peanut M&Ms...

Well I punched in the corresponding letter and numbers E-10 I go.... E... 1...humm wait...wait...where is the zero? No not number one I want 1 and 0?!?! When did they start making a number 10 button on vending machines?! I look with panic at E1... Got damn Nature Valley Granola Bar!?!?! ^%$###$&*) Whatttt! Literally I was screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in the hallway lol Damn...I let it go and took the damn granola bar... Its aiight its a little sweet...but tomorrow is weigh in and I am sure the points gods know what they are doing lol

Have a good weekend!

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