Monday, December 13, 2010

Forever 21!

All it takes is 21 days to make a new habit. Three short weeks. Anything you do consistently for that period of time will become habitual.

There are lots of articles, blogs, and sayings out there about how long it takes to make something stick. And 21 days seems to be the magic number! Here are a few Develop A New Habit in 21 Days, 21 Day Habit Blog & the list goes on and on. My ultimate goal is 30 days but I know 21 is the magic number.
So I had to be sure to mark this milestone. I planned to go spinning but opted to go home since it was so cold but I did the Jackie Warner On Demand core workout. WOW Jackie! I love her show and know she is a beast but danggggggg!!!!

Well that time has flown also marks the Monday after the break up with The Mister (as I referred to him as) so its been a blessing that it has flown by but when I hit 6 months and a day I'll feel better about that situation. Ah maybe not but I will feel better when more time has passed than I spent with him.

Anyhoo I am still working on the food part not sure what I am so anxious about but I been eating a lot of chocolate. I had like 6 pieces today. They were minis but still!  They add up!  I need to journal more that usually helps me to sort out what's going on inside but I havent been motivated to go too deep I guess. In part it may be old, new guy and putting myself out there again but nothing ventured nothing gained and I just refuse to let a bad dating experience keep me from being in a happy & healthy realtionship.

I am down like 3 pounds I am not getting excited until I weigh inSaturday morning though. My home scale is usually a pound or so heavier than the WW scale and like 4-5 pounds more than my Doc's scale. So I am not doing the happy dance just yet but I need to keep on track!! My goal was 20 by Dec 31st but I'd be elated in 10 to be honest!


  1. Hmm... I did Wii Fit tonight. I totally forgot that I have Fitness on Demand!! I need to check out the schedule. If nothing else, DVR the ones I know I will want to do!

    Don't get me started on the scales... My home scale is 3 pounds off the Wii scale!

    Keep blogging and I'll keep reading!

  2. Hey Nae! My sister moved in with me and has Wii Fit and we been talking about hooking it up! I need to get her to do that! Yes the On Demand workouts are good short but intense! So it is a great option!! Thanks for reading chica!