Sunday, December 12, 2010

A lazy Sunday

Again with the best laid plans. I have this on again off again reflux and I had the bright idea to have a grapefruit last night and I was sick as a dog all day! I have a Rx for it that I tried to fill it with no luck so I got something over the counter and rested all day. No bueno!

In the end I guess maybe it was for the best. I been going non-stop and everything happens for a reason so I took advantage of the day in bed. Had a few nice convos with old, new guy. He's funny & I do like him. He talked about working out in the new year not that he's overweight but he's been smaller. He made a comment that he hates exercise but loves what it does to his body. He's looking to lose less than 20  pounds :-/  lol everyone has a goal lol anyway I suggested he find something he likes instead of running but I can't relate b/c I love the gym! I joked about a senior flag football league lol he was kind enough to remind me we were in the same generation....oh lol first date number 3 is still pending he's becoming a bit impatient but Imma do my best this week our schedules are very different but we'll work it out soon enough. I enjoy the phone calls and text messages though :-) Its seeming all a little to easy this go around but maybe the third time is the charm!

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