Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Telling my story...

"Tell the story you want to live and you will eventually live it." ~ Abraham-Hicks

Well I been talking a lot about Vision Boards and their benefits all over facebook. I can be honest and say the first time I watched the The Secret DVD I was sucked in. Not jsut becasue Saint Oprah gave it the thumbs up either-found that out later! But the concept made perfect sense. The Law of Attraction is a concept as old as time but it made more sense to me after the video. Its simple and its based in the simple concept that "like attracts like" so if you are a happy and positive person you will tend to attract other happy and positive people. Now that is not to say negative things will not happen and this is not just a bunch of hopeful thinking but it does mean that if you keep a positive attitude the results will more than likely be positive.

I was listening to Steve Harvey this morning and he was talking about the Law of Attraction and he made a good point. The Law of Attraction is as real as the Law of Gravity. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not because it is at work in your life. He went on to say you can go to the top of a building and jump and you'll see gravity at work. lol He's iggnat lol but its true.

I found out about the DVD from a friend and mentor and she had a big dream she was working on and things literally fell into place. It was amazing watching it unfold and I hope she writes a book one day because to get where she is she didn't do the "right things," kiss up to the "right" people, join the "right" groups, go to the "right" parties, etc. but she reached her goal...and then some in fact!

A/w she shared The Secret DVD with me and I ran to Best Buy and bought a copy the same night. They discussed Vision Board in the DVD and I began creating Vision Board that night. Its my favorite part of the video! They talk about how comedian Jim Carey wrote himself a 1 Million dollar check before he hit it big because his intention was the be a millionaire. Sweet! 

A/w In 2009 I began working on a few Vision Boards I have some on cork boards, some on poster boards, and some electronic ones in PowerPoint. I focused in on my health and wellness in 2009 and I made a board that I found recently with images of the Iron Girl and an African Amercian woman with her hands raised wearing a Team in Training outfit! Ironically I took a picture JUST like that at the end of the race -although my arms did not look as good as the models lol but it was a reminder about the power of the law of attraction. I didn't even remember that picture until I found it! Now to be clear cutting out pretty pictures is just the start I actually had to do my part, commit to team in Training, raise the money, workout, show up for the race, and believe I could do it to make that goal a reality. I think that is the part that a lot of naysayers get hung up on. My bible verse is "Faith without works is dead" so please don't walk away thinking I spent 17 months wishing, hoping, and praying to lose 100 pounds! LOL But if you been following my blog you know better but I had to put it out there!

A/w this quote above hit me this morning...

So it got me thinking what kind of story do I want to tell? My knee jerk answer is a happy & healthy life well it isn't so much knee jerk it was actually well thought out some years ago BUT its a "catch phase" of a story not THE story! So my goal is to work on that. I also need to work on working out! I haven't worked out since Christmas Eve! Kinda in a slump again!  My friend Dawn reminded me about my 30 day workout challenge? What happened to that? I dunno! But I told her I would start up fresh with a new challenge in the new year. I already signed up for a 21 Day Yoga challenge. This is my year to tackle yoga in earnest.

On a good note I actually lost .6 pounds no not 6 pounds you read it right .6..POINT 6! I will take it! I can't recall what happened last Christmas but I am happy that I did not gain better than that I lost.  :-)

One thing that makes writing new chapters of my story easier is looking back at past success. I got this post card from Team in Training in the mail yesterday and it gave me a kick start to go back to working on my vision board. :-) Think about what you have been able to check off on your To Do list and use it as a source of motivation to keep moving forward!

I do indeed now to create some new ones!

"Tell the story you want to live and you will eventually live it." ~ Abraham-Hicks

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