Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well Day 13 (of 30 days of 30 minutes of exercise) went very very well. I skipped socarobics and made my way to my personal training session. And what a session it was! I felt my mojo workin'! We did a little of everything as usual. We did supersets this time.  A superset is the alternating back and forth between two (or more) exercises until the prescribed number of sets is complete. I hit 75 lbs on the hamstring machine it was only 6, 5, then 4 reps but I usually cry at 37.5 but the super sets allowed me to really bang them out. I felt stronger today! I ended the session with 10 flights up & down the stairs with weights. Ughhhh I couldn't believe he did that AT THE END?!?! Its all good though! :-) Lucky #13

After the workout I was interviewed by a freelance reporter who is doing a feature on Chizel It and she asked me about my routine and how I felt about inspiring so many women to do the Iron Girl! I was caught off guard lol I told her I wasn't aware I knew a few people signed up but apparently a group of almost 20 women are going to do it and I inspired them! That was nice to hear! In fact it was my second interview in 24 hours so we'll see how it pans out! :-) That's exciting!

Day 1 of new points plus program went well. Its weird to wrap my mind around the higher points but it's ok. I didn't eat much before I maxed my points out though.

1 cup raisin Bran w/ 1 cup skim milk (I used a measuring cup fr the first time in forever!)
Baked potato from Wendys with sour cream, chives, butter
A protein shake
Turkey chili
5 golden oreos & 2% milk
and had to use 9 extra weekly points!

That ain't a lot in my mind! But it added up quickly! I didn't think about a fruit but I was on the go so I'll be mindful of that going forward. I brought grapefruits, apples, & bananas. I was on the go and only thought to bring my protein shake with me but that helped on the drive home. All I know is this is a lot of work but its like school work and I like school. Last year I was sooooo driven I was compulsive with it and I feel like I need some more of that. I was sharing my idea about not wallowing in sadness and working out and she said something I well is the best revenge. While I could think of more creative payback methods lol I liked that.And aint that the truth!

Well I slept in because I actually started this post at 5am! So I missed church. I was looking for Joel Osteen but couldnt find him :-(

Anyhooo I organized a sorority event to celebrate a new North Atlantic Region tradition called Love Your Sister Day. Its a day you show your love for your sorors! So the plan is to do a brunch with about 20 of my sorority sisters and like the true AKA Geek I am I spent last night wrapping gifts and putting together lil giveaways :-) I love my Sorors!! Its a good time to have some more good company!! Happy Sunday yall!

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